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Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

Earn six figures online??

Passive income from comfort

Earn while you sleep

Such types of words you listen from my people over online. They are exactly talking about affiliate marketing.

Now the question is

It is possible to make six figures from home by doing simple affiliate marketing?

After reading this blog your all doubt will be clear. Here I explain some affiliate marketing stuff which helps you to find this question’s answer.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the type of marketing where marketers get commission to make a sale for the advertisers product.

Simply find a product you like then promote it if you make a sale then you get a piece of profit in the form commission on every sale you make.

How affiliate marketing works?

In affiliate marketing 2 parties are involved one is advertiser or Merchant and other is Publisher or Marketer.

The advertiser or Merchant: advertiser or merchant is someone called creator, seller. The brand retailer or vendor. Someone who creates a product and positions it. Obviously It’s not any individual, it may be a brand or big company. Eg. Amazon, Bluehost.

The Publisher or Marketer: This is another party which promotes product or service of merchant and advertiser. Marketer isn’t responsible for the product creation and it’s position. Also not to care about its delivery and shipping.

The goal of affiliate marketer is only to make sales and get commission. Generally affiliate marketers are some individual influencers, bloggers and youtubers who have a platform to share their knowledge with people and have an audience.

How to start affiliate marketing?
How to start affiliate marketing?

3 Steps to become merchant

If you want to become a merchant of any affiliate program and make money by using product or service sales. There are three simple steps …

Let’s go!!!

Step1:- Find a product idea

To find a product idea is hard to come up with. Because not only do you need an idea but also it should be unique.

Instead, just look at what products and services are already out there. Consider how you can improve upon them, by delivering something that solves the problems with those products.

You can, of course, always, choose a topic that you’re interested or involved in.

Step2:- Creating the product

Many tutorials are present over the internet about creating a product.

Creating the product is a very crucial point because the content or product you create is the key to earn money for you. It’s a little bit easier because you have knowledge about the product idea.

If you are passionate About your idea then the product will be incredible.

Step3:- Finding affiliate program partners

Now the product is ready, it’s time to find marketers who promote products and make sales.

To find good affiliate program partners it helps to find niche targeted marketer to promote your product.

3 steps process to become affiliate marketer.

Just like to become a merchant, becoming an affiliate marketer has a 3 step process to start an affiliate marketer journey.

Step 1 :- Start reviewing the products in your niche.

First step to become an affiliate marketer is giving value to build trust factor among the audience.

Then review the product related to your niche. Just become you provide values so that the audience knows about you. If in case they don’t know you then already uploaded content helps them to believe in you.

One misconception among beginners is that affiliate marketing needs a successful website and huge audience. But it’s not true. Because to become affiliate marketer and promote products no need of both things only need a trusted audience and a useful niche on any platform.

Step 2 :- Build your email list

Emails are always the best option to interact with the audience. Email marketing is the best marketing platform for today. Sl don’t miss it out.

To build an email list, create a lead magnet for your business. To create a lead magnet give something free to the audience instead of their email address or name.

Just by getting the email and name. You can market with them through emails. For email marketing you can use the get response email marketing tool.

Keep your audience engaged with you by sending emails on a certain interval of time.

Send them a newsletter through emails.

Step 3 :- Grow your business with paid ads

Once your affiliate marketing business starts give it one push to the steam, here you can start thinking about paid advertising.

In paid advertising you can optimize your campaigns on facebook ads or google ads. But if in case you promote affiliate products directly it may not approve your ads. But if added to the content format it helps to promote the product easily for this try to create a review of the product or recommend people to guide.

Also hosting a webinar one of advanced leave marketing strategies. Host one webinar and make their advertising to invite people for the webinar also while explaining the topic add or recommend some product to your viewer. If you are hosting a webinar. You can promote multiple products by doing this.

What are trends in Affiliate Marketing 2020?

Affiliate marketing trends are changing as the time changes because the internet is the thing which isn’t stable. Some affiliate marketing trends to follow in 2020:

Influencers are dominating in 2020

Influencers are dominating in 2020 because in the past the biggest affiliates were media sites which gave hundreds and thousands of web traffic to advertisers or merchants.

But it’s not sustain any more because people like to search for long tail keywords and search for specifications product so that influencers leverage this opportunity and rank for long tail keywords. Just because of this influencer not driving huge traffic to advertisers but sending quality traffic to converts well.

Affiliate Marketers are on the driving seat.

In 2020 affiliate marketers will become smarter than advertisers. Because affiliate programs get their more revenue from the affiliate partner. So that affiliate marketer is in the driving seat. Marketers give higher priority to the high commision product and get better deals with advertisers. Whether it’s CPA, CPL and any more.


Affiliate marketing is the ideal solution for those who want their control of income in their hands.

Basically affiliate marketing is a performance focus revenue based model. Where merchants pay affiliates while they give sales to the business. And marketers get revenue from work at home and passive income. Learn more marketing strategies

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