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Indian Ecommerce industry growing more rapidly and more profit intensive business, I fact ecommerce businesses working on the margins of 60-70 % on every products. Which create good opportunities in this sector. 

To starting an ecommerce store has lots of many works included in it as well like order management, Inventory Management, Marketing, Shipping, Sales and Offers etc… The solution of this I have today which will helps you to overcome most of this problem like Inventory and Shipping and website You just need to focus on Marketing ans sales and Offers. And the Platform which I’m talking about is Baapstore Which is India’s best dropshipping platform.

Here In this article I’ll share unbiased review of baapstore dropshipping Platform

Baapstore Review -India’sNo. 1 Dropshipping platform?

Top Picks
Baapstore Review


  •  You ’ll get Readymade website with products 
  •  Have 50000 Products inventory 
  •  Wholesale Pricing 
  •  white label Product listing 
  •  26000 Pincodes are available for shipping in india 
  •  24 × 7 client support via ticket and phone 
  • Cross-platform deals


  • Only Limited Website Design Templates 
  •  Domain Need to buy with lower plans 
  •  Website not available in Bronze Plan

BaapStore is an inconceivable dropshipping platform that’s growing tremendously for the once eight times. BaapStore was launched in 2011 as anon-branded establishment. Latterly, in 2016 its name‘BaapStore’ was registered under the company‘Uptail Private Limited.’At present, it supports further than$ products and pincodes of the delivery networks. 
 Baapstore is a combined noncommercial inventory service for dropshipping, automatic inventory operation, processing and shipping of products, white- markerE-commerce website & hosting, Marketing of products, and numerous further. 

Pricing Packages of BaapStore 

BaapStore provides three pricing packages to its druggies – Citation, Gold, and Diamond. They charge one- time freights and a nominal recreating figure, annually. As per the package you elect, you get different immolations and services. The Diamond pack comprises everything that BaapStore has to offer. 

Baapstore Pricing

Baapstore Products Features

Huge inventory of products

 BaapStore offers you further than Rs 50,00,000  worth of products so that you don’t have to make considerable investments to buy the inventory. This inventory is free of cost, irrespective of the pricing package you select. BaapStore takes the responsibility of refilling the products that are dealing stylish in the request. It also adds new products to the inventory regularly. 

Payload and delivery integrations

Baapstore Delivery

 The delivery options handed by BaapStore are mind-blowing because it covers 26000+ further than pincodes each over India. It also offers international shipping. While delivery within India is free of cost, there’s some delivery charge for users internationally. 

 Baapstore Network is so good with courier company and the reason why this I ’m saying this because they offers dispatch of products in one day of order. And It happed because they prefers to make stock full.

White Labeling Product listing

Baapstore white label branding

 Baapstore gives you freedom to sell products under baapstore without knowing the client about baapstore, In fact It also have point to set your own product price. The consumer will see BaapStore’s name in the orders and shipments. 

Well- categorized products

 The categorizations of products are done beautifully by BaapStore. They’ve streamlined sections for the goods that help in chancing the product veritably snappily. This way, the proprietor can fluently shoulder the dropshipping business of colorful products. 

Baapstore Website Features

 Baapstore Give Website with only with advanced two packagess which is Gold & Diamond You ’ll not getting this features with Citation package. Still you want to start Citation packages Let me know I ’ll produce website for you with unique design and with same features as mentioned below 

No rendering knowledge needed.

Baapstore provides 6 themes, so you do n’t need to decode indeed a line. Just apply the theme on the website, and it’s done. 

Admin Access

BaapStore gives you the admin access, wherein you can design the eCommerce platform. You get the ease of access for the following – 

  •  Menu formats 
  •  Adding new products 
  •  Adding new orders 
  •  Adding banners 
  •  Addingco-admins 
  •  Adding shipping rules and programs 
  •  Adding Filters for easy searcch 
  •  Setting-up of multi-currency options 
  •  Integrating blog links 
  •  Mentioning about return programs,etc.

white label website and hosting

Baapstore provides assiduity-standard website and fast web hosting to their users. Fast web hosting decreases the brio rate on the website and increases the conversion. 

Bulk Import/ Export Products

 You can bulk import and import the products in inventory. So don’t worry about adding products one by one. 

Unlimited Report Generations

Piecemeal from other dropshipping tools, you can induce the reports unlimited times. Which is veritably helpful for you to track your ecommerce business performance and levies and cost evaluations and earnings and P& L reports as well

Features like Amazon & Flipkart

  •  Wishlist option 
  •  Filters 
  •  Titles, descriptions, SEO keywords,etc. for every product 
  •  Comparison between products before purchasing 
  •  Guest checkout with no sign-in 

Baapstore Website Marketing Features

E-mail Marketing Tool

BAAPSTORE REVIEW :- Pricing Features, Pros & Cons

Email marketing is an old yet veritably effective marketing fashion. Baapstore has a devoted Email marketing tool that allows you to capture your client’s emails and follow up on them regularly. 

Generate Coupon Code

Coupon code play a significant part in conversion. Well, with Baapstore, you’ll get the point to generate coupon codes for your products. 

Affiliate Marketing point

Another great point of Baapstore is adding Affiliate marketing with your eCommerce website. That means you can ask people to relate your products and give them a commission on each trade. Like amazon affiliate. 

Referral Code Generator tool

Still, you can use this tool to create unique referral coupons, If you want your users to relate your products on behalf of the commission.

Gift Voucher tool

Another great tool by Baapstore is the gift voucher creation tool. You can produce gift validations for your users and increase your deals. 

Newsletter Subscription tool

Newsletter subscription tool allows your users to conclude for the newsletter in which you can give the rearmost news and conditioning on your store. 

How Baapstore Works

Baapstore website based service

When you subscribe to Baapstore Gold or Diamond plans, you’ll get a white runner website with an admin dashboard to manage all the features. 

 Then are the way of the workflow. 

 Step 1 – Set up your website by adding your Domain name, adding SSL, and choosing one of the themes handed by Baapstore. 

 Step 2 – Add the products on your website from the 50000 products inventory. 

 Step 3 – Set your own MRP. 

 Step 4 – You can also list products on Amazon, Flipkart, FB,etc. 

 Step 5 – You can set Automatic order details, which modernize the order on the Baapstore dashboard on each trade. Or, if you’re dealing on third- party websites, you have to manually modernize your deals with your buyer details. 

 Step 6 – Baapstore ships the items to your end users with your brand name. 

 Step 7 – Repeat the process. 

Baapstore service without a website

The workflow of this service is the same, except you do n’t enjoy a white runner website. That means you have to modernize the deals on your dashboard manually. 

 That’s how Baapstore workshop. 

 It’s royal to do dropshipping with Baapstore. You only need to modernize the product roster and modernize the orders daily. Rest, Baapstore will do for you. 


Surely, Baapstore is the best dropshipping platforms available for those who do n’t want to hold inventory and functional effects. 

 Suppose you wish to run an online business without having to invest immensely and deal with inventory, delivery issues, losses, unsold products, or marketing. In that case, BaapStore is the one- stop solution for you. It has everything that one needs for an eCommerce business and earns enormous gains without investing important.