What is SEO?

SEO is stands for Search Engine Optimization. Basically SEO id the process to optimize your website to ranking higher in search engine.

If you have website then you are familiar with the SEO as well.

SEO is typically done to follow the search engine algorithms through which you can rank in SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages).

Beginner to Advanced Search Engine Optimization

Beginner to Advanced Search Engine Optimization is the book written by author Bhavesh Barhate.

Bhavesh Barhate said that The motivation to write this ebook to aware the people with Search engine optimization. Now internet isn’t completely evolved in all over the world. But bit their speed not slower. It heroes rapist as possible. As internet grow opportunities are grown for business expand. And the SEO is the crucial part of that process.

Here In this book I share basic and advanced hacia which guide people how to SEO works and how they implement those strategies.

What should I learn from Beginner to Advanced Search Engine Optimization?

Beginner to Advanced Search Engine Optimization book I format into 5 chapters

  • Chapter 1 :- Introduction Of SEO

In this chapter will become introduce with SEO  such as what is SEO?, Why SEO needed?, Types of SEO and a lot more…

  • Chapter 2 :- On page SEO

Here in this part I learn ON page SEO techniques which includes beginner level and advanced level techniques. Also I share that what is ON page SEO?, Why ON page is needed? Also you recommend some tool which help you to do ON page SEO

  • Chapter 3 :- OFF page SEO

Here you learn what is OFF page SEO? Why off page SEO needed? What is the benefits of off page SEO? What is link building? Some link building strategies that works best and I also share some email scripts you can use for link buildings.

  • Chapter 4 :- Consider while doing SEO ……..

In this chapter I share some flaws and stragic point from which you should away from it. How should you need to avoid  while doing SEO all of this I share this.

  • Chapter 5 :- Conclusion

Here I share my point of view about SEO. What I am learning from SEO in the last 2 years. And a lot more..

In short, it’s a combo of all SEO things that you need to start and get higher ranks in google.

4 Biggest myths about Search Engine Ooptimization

SEO Myths

#Myth1:-Links Are Dead

Links aren’t dead.

Links aren’t close to dead.

If you have the best content in the world and no links, your site won’t get much visibility. Links and content are correlated with rankings. Great content still needs great links (or a lot of mediocre ones).

#Myth2:- You Don’t Need a sitemap

This one myth is highly trending among the newbies. But 

It’s not true!!!

The sitemap is the thing which allows google crawler to index your web pages. You don’t have a sitemap. It becomes harder to crawl for indexing.

#Myth3:- Because Big Brands are doing it!!!

Some people have a misconception that because big brands are doing this then we can also!!!

But they forget one thing that their audience is different and yours different. Their queries are also not the same.

So, Don’t just copy big brands. Find what works better for you.

#Myth4:- Social Media helps in SEO

One thing I want to clear is social media can give your site exposure. But don’t much affect on your rankings. Links from social media doesn’t count as a backlink.

Social media is all about the visibility of your website.

Getting those people to share your content and link to or mention your site in a way that Google counts it as a “link”? That is SEO.

After reading Beginner to Advanced SEO

Do this 3 things after you compete your reading of Beginner to Advanced Search Engine Optimization

  1. Not just read this ebook but also execute it in your website. Because execution is he key to succeed.
  2. Create your SEO plan. How to are doing your own website SEO. What should be great working for me. Prepare it and write on paper.
  3. Join our Facebook groups where you can interact with other experts. Ask them your doubts. I’m also present in group.

FAQs [Frequently Asked Questions]

How much is the cost of Beginner to Advanced Search Engine Optimization Ebook?

Beginner to Advanced Search Engine Optimization eBook is completely FREE!!! Just fill out the form and get your copy….

For whom Beginner to Advanced Search Engine Optimization ebook useful?

Beginner to Advanced Search Engine Optimization ebook is perfect for beginner level newbie guys and intermediate level guys who have some knowledge about SEO.

How can I get this ebook?

You can easily get this ebook for free just fill out above form and then you received email confirm your email. Then you received another emails from where you can download your copy.

Is SEO important?

If you want to get more traffic for your website. You have business & want more targeted traffic for your website. Then you can’t miss out the SEO.

How much time does it take to read the whole eBook?

It completely depends on how much time you’re spending on reading it. Even for starters, it should take not more than a day or two to finish the eBook.But I highly recommend you to go through the eBook slowly. Start implementing the ideas as you go through them. There’s no hurry! Taking action is what matters the most.

What if I have some doubts?

For your doubts you can ask them on our Facebook group & page and also you can ask us on contact form.