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Best Content Distribution platform
Content Distribution Platform

When content is your game, distribution is your aim. Once you’ve curated the right piece, a sublime mixture of professional and casual, you’ll want to share it with as wide an audience as possible. But with the vast number of platforms out there, deciding where your content works best are often overwhelming.

Here We are sharing best content distribution platforms which helps you to get insane amount of traffic to your website.


YouTube videos have the high probability of getting ranked on first page of Google search results.

Leverage the second biggest program on the web to urge found for your target keywords.

Here is how:

Repackage long-form content within the sort of slides. Then, create a video tutorial using free screen grab software like Camtasia or CamStudio . Use an honest quality microphone to make sure decent production quality.

Or you can use an internet camera and record yourself speaking the summary of your post.

Make sure you finish the video with a call to action directing viewers to go to your website. Also, add a link to your post within the video description and a link to your blog within the channel description.

Learn About video marketing with whole guide

Include keywords and write a 250-300 words video description with every video for better visibility in results.

Later on, you’ll embed this video together with your post. you’ll also reach bent authority blogs in your niche and request them to share it on their blogs.

2. Quora

Quora may be a moderated and ramped up version of Yahoo Answers. There are many sub-topics and you’ll attract followers by giving valuable advice on topics that interest you.

You can follow sub-topics of your choice, in order that relevant questions appear in your feed. And write different bios for various sub-topics on Quora. What an excellent opportunity to point out your expertise altogether the niches you’re skilled!

While answering:

Genuinely aim to unravel queries of your audience .

If any of your articles can solve a question , give an introduction of how your post can help and put a link to go to the complete article.

If your answer receives upvotes, you get more followers, more exposure and visitors on your website. And it’s common for witty and value adding answers in self-improvement niche specially to receive many thousands of upvotes.

The Q&A social network also features a blog. this is often an opportunity to syndicate your blog post content.

3. Udemy

You can repurpose your best performing posts into a series of 5-minute video tutorials. with Udemy

Your course can have a mixture of video tutorials and text documents. The bare minimum may be a 40-minute course.

The courses are often offered free otherwise you can charge anywhere from 10 to 1000$ for it. Participate in Udemy’s course promotions in order that you’ll get more student enrollments.

You can make a limited number of announcements monthly to your course students. Here lies the chance to drive traffic to your blog posts.

You can also direct students to your website within the lectures.

Many terrific instructors are leveraging Udemy for getting traffic and email signups.

4. Tumblr

You can syndicate your content with Tumblr and obtain more traffic, backlinks and shares (possibly, go viral).

For starters, use a clean and straightforward theme. Use only 7-12 tags, else you’ll be perceived as a spammer.

Your content should be short and punchy. Impressive visuals, videos and quotes generally perform well. But, don’t be afraid to experiment with posting different sorts of content.

Getting your readers to re-blog your content can helps you get good traffic.

Build relationships with Tumblr administrators and check out to urge introduced through referrals from friends to them. If you finish abreast of the explore page through these administrators, you’ll get an enormous traffic spike.

5. Medium

Medium may be a platform with a community driven spin on content publishing. Wikipedia lists the platform as an example of social journalism as long as you’ll collaborate with other writers when posting.

Occasionally, you’ll repost your blog content on the platform (but, don’t overdo it). Buffer republishes a number of its content on Medium.

When reposting:

One thing keep in mind that Google has indexed your original content before republishing. you’ll change the way you approach your article’s subject, modify the title of your post, etc.

The repost won’t rank in search engines, but your aim is getting additional clicks to your website and building audience.

You can try different CTA like “Sign up for our newsletter” or “Follow us on Twitter.” or “Get Your Free spot”

In a medium article, you’ll place links to relevant posts on your blog within the body also.

You can use UTM parameters to realize insights on the quantity of traffic you’re getting from Medium.

Popular posts are pushed to the most page and obtain tremendous exposure. So, aim to urge on the most page.

6. Hubpages

A hub at Hub Pages is sort of a magazine-style article. Basically Hubpages publishes user-generated content and has over 74,000 published users. Besides publishing, it’s an excellent place to create relationships.

It currently gets on the brink of 32M page views monthly and has over 1 million hubs. the web site shares revenue with the publishers and is employed by many writers as a revenue stream.

How does the publishing work?

You can create a hub about any topic. Your account gets approved by moderators and your article are going to be published.

Make sure the content you submit is of top quality . If you’ve got a high hub score – above 75 approximately , you’ll get one-way do follow backlinks.

Not all the content you publish in hubs got to be original. you’ll publish a summary of your long-form posts. But don’t copy and publish all of your content, else you’ll get penalized by Google.

7. Webinar

Webinars are often especially helpful during a B2B environment.

For conducting a webinar, you’ll repurpose your best content in sort of slides and provides a live presentation to your audience.

After sharing your wisdom, you’ll keep a Q & A to interact together with your webinar audience.

Before conducting a webinar, drive signups by marketing it on social media and guest posting on industry authority websites.

Getresponse is that the best platform to conduct webinars. it’s hassle free, but a touch pricey.

After the webinar, you’ll archive the presentation and your live recording. you’ll share the archive on YouTube or the other video platform for even more exposure.

Do you realize the immense value of webinars?

You can repurpose your old content to interact with audience, Find their pain points and won yourself great traffic and new subscribers. What an enormous win!


This is another brilliant content curation platform for creating an inventory of tips, websites, thought leaders, etc. you’ll get free traffic and backlinks by using the platform strategically.

You can embed lists together with your blog post. the simplest part is crowdsourcing your list to the community and interesting with them.

Benefit of isn’t in exhaustive lists. confirm that you simply leave an impact of only starting your list by leaving some space. The community can suggest and add their favorites on your blog subject.

If your list is featured on the homepage, you’ll receive plenty of traffic. is powerful It increase interaction on your website with great content exposure.


LinkedIn is that the favorite hanging out platform of execs and a gold mine to network for B2B companies.


How are you able to leverage it to drive traffic to your blog posts?

Start with syndicating your existing blog post content. you’ll make modifications to your posts or publish only parts of your post. At the top of the post, you’ll provides a call to action as a link to the complete article on your blog.

You can also repurpose your posts as status updates, look for relevant discussions in LinkedIn groups where posting your articles adds value and post comments on updates in your feed.

LinkedIn profile is the another place to showcase your best blog content. you’ll add your links to your best posts, videos, documents and photos with every role description.

Conclusion :- Best content Distribution Platforms

There are lots of sites other than this are available on internet where you can share or syndicate your content to get good amount of traffic to your websites

These platforms are really gone a helpful for you to get traffic for your websites. One thing I have learn in marketing is repurpose your content on internet is helpful for getting more iballs. 

Because It helps your content reach toward more people and goes viral…