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Content Marketing
Content Marketing

How to get traffic to your website can you also facing this problems right now? Then the content marketing is the solution of it.

Content marketing works better in the competitive internet world. 

But the question is

What is content?

Content is the anything that you share our internet. Whether it is photo, video, written article anything.

Content is something that people consume on the internet. Here you can imagine how content is big. 

To get benefit of creating content and share it to grow your business then the marketing of this content will help you out!!!!

That’s exactly what I’m sharing today through this article. Want to know that is it then stay with this article.

What is content Marketing?

Basically content marketing is the marketing of your created contents.

Content marketing is also defines as strategically doing marketing approach which completely focused on creating and sharing valuable content to get attraction of audience.

It means that creating a content to focus of building long term high quality relationship with your audience.

As you create content that content feel like as you are about them that make a loyal contact with your brand.

Why Content Marketing is so important?

“Content is more important because people like to consume it.”

Content helps people to solve their problem.

Lets demonstrate it with example. 

Suppose you want to bought a car.

First thing comes in your find is which car should I buy?

And In This internet your first preference is to search it on Google and any other search engine.

And who creates that content. You can create that content. Because you have that knowledge about it.

Marketing with content is so important if you have business because that content gives you sales or customer.

So the marketing with content is so important.

Now the question is 

Is content marketing right for my business?

If you ask me then there is nothing online that this type of marketing is not for them.

Because the online marketing is highly depends on content. That people who create content are make huge of money like pewdepie, tseries are the example of it.

Content Marketing forms

Content marketing is completely based on content that you create and published. As the content format differs the content marketing differs 

Here we discuss some content forms with their future benefits.


Blogging is the one form of marketing. Basically blogging is the written post about specific topic.

As the internet grows blogging demand increases and as the demand increase the supply is much better.

According to research found that daily millions of blog post are published over the Internet. The number of visitors may be same as the no of blog post.

But written content becomes bored and less interactive.

Social Media content

Social media posts also the one form of marketing. It has one simple rule. Where people are available the content is booming.

Social media post works better because over social media you can publish each type of content whether it is blogs, videos anything.


Podcasting is basically the audio content. In podcasting you create the audio file about specific topic and publish it.

Podcasting also the growing marketing form to boom online. Because today lifestyle of audience becomes to busy. So to interact with video content takes too much time. But instead of video content audio can be listen with their other type of work. So that podcasting can helps a lot.

Also the google changes their algorithms audio friendly. Some voice searching device like google home, Amazon Echo are helps to get podcasting works.

Video marketing

Video marketing is the marketing  strategy to implement.

Humans become too lazy. We don’t like to read long boring articles so much. We want that content in a visual manner. Therefore in 2020 video content dominate more and more. 

According to one survey consumption of video content is increased 49% than textual content. And customer also convert well in video content. Because in textual content you text describe yourself and offer which emotionless. But in video content, you can create an emotional contact with the viewer directly.

Now video marketing not only limited to youtube but also other social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat also move toward visual content. So In 2020 video Marketing expanding very fast. And first-mover get their benefits as early.

How content Marketing drives sales?

People always prefer to buy things from brands and someone they Know.

So to make sales you need building trust with your audience. To build trust content is best way.

Because as much your targeted audience know about yourself. Chances to getting sales will be increases.

So that the first stage of sales funnel is content marketing here I explain sales funnel AIDA formula.

How to get started with content marketing?

To get started with content is not any specific. Because as content forms changes the marketing plan.

To start marketing with blogging and sales orientated study we covered here.

Blogging is best practices

To start with content marketing blogging is the best practices because blogging needs written content and the simplest thing in content creation is writing.

Also if you thinks to getting sales then blogging is best.

In blogging you can target people by finding their burning problem. And create content on it.

How to create that content marketing funnel?

  • First you have to understand the buyer’s journey
  • Then create a content for specific objective
  • And then find the respective audience.

Understand the Buyer’s Journey

Buyer is the purchaser how buy from you. But the question is why people buy product?

The answer is simple because they know about that products or that product can solve their burning problems.

Basically while customer purchase something they gone through three stages.

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration (Interest)
  3. Decision

And the last forth take an action to purchase the product.

So the content marketing works in these three stages.

Find the customers burning problem for instance some you’re selling Music related product. Then find out the what problems consumer facing while using music related product.

Creating a content for specific objective

Now you know the customer’s burning problem here you can know target them by creating problem solving content that helps people. 

For instance as we seen people facing problems while using music related products then provide tutorials regarding that products. Which helps them to trust on you. 

Also consider your brand while purchasing music related products.

Find Respective Audience

Now your content is ready for your audience it’s time to find them.

In last steps understand and create content for buyers.

By creating content you can aware customer about their problems. And because you solve their problem they trust on you and showing interest in your brand product.

And then if you offer any product regarding their problem then they easily buy from you.


Content marketing is low cost method to grab customer and reduce your marketing expenses. If you have low marketing budget then It’s boon for your business.

Here the guide on content marketing helps you to get clear idea to start it.

I hope you implement it and see the results. 

Now it’s your turn tell me your opinion in the comment section.