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drive traffic to blog
drive traffic to the blog

In the initial days, every business owner who runs their blog faces the problem of getting traffic. Everyone becomes frustrated about this. But once you have got experience then it’s easy to get traffic as well.

Traffic has a huge impact on your business. It’s helping you build a social media audience and making an impression on prospects and clients alike.

But How to drive traffic to the blog?

Well, I will share in this blog post Here I’m sharing 15 ways to drive traffic to the blog which give exceptionally change your website readership.

#1. Create comprehensive value delivered content

quality content

To get traffic to the blog you need to focus on valuable content. Many new bloggers make this mistake to underestimate the quality of content over quantity. But if your content quality is good then you can easily get traffic with marketing like sharing blogs.

Also, Brian Dean founder of Backlinko says that Quality content always works best. But not only create value but also write comprehensive content with help to readership get all the information at one place and comprehensive content reduces the bounce rate of your website.

#2. Do search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization is a crucial part of blogging. Search engines like Google have a huge audience which searches queries on it to get their answer for this google search relevant information on the internet and show to the visitor. If you want to get traffic from a search engine then focus on search engine optimization 

Get the 50 SEO techniques to use in your blog to get a higher ranking.

#3. Create your content strategy

On the internet content is king somewhere it’s the kingdom. Content is the whole thing on which the internet runs. The Internet is a free learning source for people. So you can say that content is that free learning source.

To plan your content strategy I mean to say that content has many formats like written content, video content, audio content, and a lot more. To plan your content strategy you need to do keyword research. Because You have to know what your content matches relevant and on what keyword I get traffic to the blog

  • Find what your Audience like to search
  • Through keyword research, you will get content ideas to create content
  • Check out what your competitor is doing.

To find all of this you can use Semrush tool for all your keyword research and plan your content strategy.

#4. Start generating Backlinks for your website

Off-page, SEO Backlinks are a very crucial part. Backlinks still have a major impact on your website. But many bloggers, even experienced bloggers are frustrated to create backlinks for websites.

Here are some ways to create backlinks for your website.

  • Guest Posting 
  • HARO Link building
  • Outreach
  • Broken link building
  • Guestographics link building

See the brief knowledge of link building and SEO

#5. Create multiple formats of your single content

Multiple formats of your single content

Content creation takes time so to reduce that time and get traffic to the blog content. creates content in multiple formats. just suppose If you create content on a keto diet then create it on various formats like written content into the video for youtube and social media, audio for podcasting and make ppt and upload on slide share also you can reshare your content on blogging platforms like Medium, LinkedIn and get links to you other blog posts.

#6. Use user-generated content

user generated content

User-generated content is basically the content created by your audience on your website. It’s basically the content likes comments, testimonials, guest posts, User reviews, etc.

User-generated content gives chance to your audience to interact on your site. Which they like so much. Online one human psychology you should keep in mind that as much they spend time on your site it likely engages more on your sites like sharing content, like to return for reading or in fact they like to buy from your affiliate links as well.

#7. Start newsletter on your website

newsletter on the website

If you can’t run a newsletter on your site then you make a big mistake. Because Search engines their algorithm many times without any warning at that time you lose your traffic on your site. But If you create a newsletter on your website then you can reach through their contact details and get to know them about your new content update where you can’t lose your traffic.

If in case you launch your product or course on your website then you can inform them about it. In short, due to the newsletter, you don’t lose your audience as well. Email is the best contact detail which you want. For this you can use the email marketing tool for my website. I use Getresponse email marketing tool where you can collect emails from your website form optins and also send a number of emails at one click as well.

#8. Share your blog content automatically on social media

Your blog post should consistently share it on social media. My new bloggers make the mistake that they ignore social media following and just focus on search engine optimization. But it’s not good.

Social media following is also important to get followers on social media you need to be consistently posting on social media then you following is greatly influenced.

If you regularly post on social media manually then you spend a lot of time on social media post. Instead of this, you can use a tool like IFTTT which helps you to auto-post your WordPress blog posts on social media. 

#9. Interact with online communities

online communities

Online communities are great for getting quality traffic to the blog. Whether the community is small no problem still interacts with online communities. Because you get quality traffic from that particular community.

Bloggers only know about Facebook for the community but you can see communities on LinkedIn groups and Reddit and youtube communities are those you can interact with.

Don’t just post links and make spamming in group add value to the group members and build your reputation in communities.

#10. Create your own social media groups

Just like interacting in online communities also you can create groups on social media like Facebook and LinkedIn and start to interact in it.

So that it makes engaging your audience and you can maintain your online reputation. Or Just because having social media you have to share links and your own stuff free in it. 

Social media groups are so engaging for you to get some eyeballs on your business and get return traffic to the blog.

We also create our own Facebook groups for creating a sales and marketing community here you can ask your sales and marketing related stuff and share your best quality stuff. 

#11. Find and collaborate with influencers in your niche

Influencers have their own audience base and niche targeted audience base. To collaborate with influencers you can get for eyeballs to your brand.

But some people ask why influencers collaborate with us?

They will collaborate with you because they also build their personal brand as well. So If you need them then they also need you. After all, we can grow with collaboration.

You can collaborate with them and create valuable stuff for the audience like interviews with them, share them as blog posts, videos on youtube. Also, you can mention them in your blog post and reach out. They are likely to share your stuff with their audience. I recommend you to collaborate with the same popular influencer like you. So it’s easy for you as well as for them.

#12. Start guest posting on popular websites

Guest posting is a great way to get traffic to the blog. Personally, I like this process as much. Because Here you provide value to someone’s website through your content instead of this you will get a backlink to your website.

Link from guest posting if its do-follow and guest posting websites DA is High then Its good for your website in Seo point of view. But generally, sites give a no-follow link to your website. Still, If the website has traffic then its great for you to get traffic to the blog.

#13. Write Medium and LinkedIn Articles

LinkedIn and Medium are blogging platforms which have huge traffic to their website. And also articles on this platform rank easily in google. 

If you write content on medium and LinkedIn and link back to your website then it can give you traffic to the blog as well.

If you want to write articles to get links for your website then It’s not helpful for you because the link you get from this website is no-follow links but still, it drives traffic to the blog.

#14. Spends on Paid Ads

Paid Ads is the fastest way to get traffic to the blog. If you drive traffic from search engine ranking or organic traffic then you have to wait to rank your website in search results.

If you have some cash in your pocket then you can go for paid ads like Facebook ads and google ads and more platforms for ads.

If you have some product and service then It’s helpful for you to get traffic to your service page.

#15. Learn SEO and new traffic generation methods.

This tip is helpful for you because learning SEO and new traffic generation methods are great for you.

SEO is the thing that is volatile with the search engine algorithms. If you want to learn something new in SEO then you have to update with new algorithm updates and new SEO regarding the news.

For new SEO and new traffic generation methods you can join our sales and marketing community where me and many of other influencers share quality stuff on their experience.  

Conclusion:- How to drive traffic to the blog?

These 15 ways to drive traffic will help you to get tons of traffic.  The final thing you need to remember is that consistency is the key. If you are successful to maintain consistency in your blogging work then it works great for you.

Now tell me which strategy you used lastly and which you learn new through this blog post

Comment below and tell me….