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create facebook ads

If you want to market your business then run ads online is the best way of it.  And in this advertising online you can’t ignore facebook advertising. If you are startup or any multinational company you can get benefit of facebook ads.

To get cost effective results with the facebook ads you have to know how you can create effective facebook ad campaign. That’s exactly I’m sharing here.

What is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook is the most popular social media these days. In fact It doesn’t need any introduction. But after all business is one business and the ultimate goal of business is to earn profits. 

If you’re using facebook then you know that you can post on facebook for free. But It shown only upto your followers or friends. And At this point facebook monetize there platform, If you’re promoting your business online then you can run facebook ads. It helps you to reach upto your targeted audience.

If I want to describe facebook advertising in my words then I said It’s the goldmine for the business to promote their business and get profits. And the reason I said this because facebook has data of all the people who used their platform. So that it helps you to get your targeted customer.

Is Facebook ads Trends going down?

If you’re think that Facebook ads trends is going down then you’re wrong. Because Facebook advertising is done in cheap price so that It’s economically suitable for small business. That’s the big advantage of facebook ads

I also conduct a poll in facebook group  and here’s the result you can see below in multiple groups on facebook.

Facebook ads stats

Also I check the quarterly results of Facebbok and I saw the growth in their revenue as well so that you can see that facebook ads trends in going up and the reason is people using facebook ads as much as possible to get more business.

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How to set up an effective Facebook ads campaign?

To set up proper facebook ads campaign you have to be aware there process and how you can optimize your ads to get more results.

While setup facebook ads there are 3 steps are involve in it 

Facebook ads level
  1. Campaign
  2. Ad set
  3. Ad

In this 3 step your whole ad is differentiate so that here I explain how you can optimize your facebook ad in this 3 step process.

#1. Decide campaign objectives

So the first step of to set up facebook ad is to decide the campaign objective. It means which action you want people will take with your ads. There are lots of options are available there select any one suitable for you.

How to create an effective Facebook Ads campaign in just 10 Minutes

Just suppose If you want traffic to your website then you can go with the traffic. If you want conversion to your product then select conversion. 

To decide campaign is the crucial part because according to your campaign goal further processes are changing with it and facebook algorithm run your ads according to your campaign goal to get better ROI.

#2. Set your Ad set

Now It’s second step where you select your audience. Which the most crucial part of facebook ads. Here you need to decide your targeted audience.  On your audience you selected your results are mostly depend.


Because If you selected relevant audience related your niche then most probably  you get more good ROI from ads. It’s all about your targeting.

Another crucial of part of Ad set is placement here you need to decide how you want place your ad among audience. It also shows grreat impact on your ads.

In facebook two placement options are available which is Automatic placement and Manual placement. In automatic placement facebook algorithm automatically shows your ads on their all platform according to algorithms. And manual placement you can shows your ads wherever you want.

Ads Placement

#3. Build your ad creative

Ad creatives is the design of your ads shown on facebook platforms. There are  3 formats available for ad creative carousel, single image or video and collection all their templates are available for ad creative. 

ad formats
ad creative media

To design attractive ad creative you can hire someone to copywrite your ad. The ad content images or video primary text and call to action button.

Now lots of people becomes confused that we used image or videos?

I recommend to use videos if you created one. Otherwise go with images or engaging images.

Carousel is the very effective for ecommerce type ads targeting. And collection is also effective for it. If you’re targeted local ads then Find something that relatable to your targeted customer.

How to find a targeted audience on Facebook?

To find targeted audience on Facebook you can use Facebook audience insights which is specially design for advertisers to find their targeted audience.

Audience Insights

While you open audience insights it shows you two options like Everyone on Facebook and People Like to your page.

choose audiences

Then at the left corner you can create audience using filters and see the stats which helps you to decide your custom audience.  To targeted particular stats click on it to target.

create audience

In such way you can find the targeted audience on Facebook.

How I generate leads from facebook ads?

I  generate leads from facebook to generate leads from facebook I use tool called Manychat. If you add link to landing page then you can generate leads as well but for this you need to redirect visitor external page other than facebook. As I observed that Facebook algorithm works such that visitor spends more time on their platform. So that If you get leads directly on facebook then your ROI is better. So that manychat will help in it.

By using manychat I got leads directly through facebook messenger while chating. This tool helps you to create automated messages chat and target on facebook ads. Try it for free!!


In such way you can create effective facebook ads and Increase your ROI. In Facebook not all this are permanent. You things are going under change. So that you need to be updated with all this things.

Now It’s your turn tell me how you’re getting results with facebook still now?