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Facebook is that the biggest ever brand within the social media world and if you ignore Facebook, you make a mistake . It’s extremly effective platform to generate leads from facebook

Because here many audience are spending their time and that’s exactly your audience order to be of considerable use to businesses, Facebook has been making it easier for marketers and business owners to get leads. With quite 50 million business pages, Facebook understands it’s important to supply value for business users also as for the over 1.4 billion consumer pages. it’s up to us to require advantage of all the worth .

If you think Facebook lead generation is restricted to steer ads, you’re missing out on an enormous slice of the pie. While lead ads may help push some customers further along your sales funnel, they’re not the sole approach you ought to fancy generate leads from Facebook.

To make sure we’re all on an equivalent page, let’s start with what a lead is (and isn’t), and therefore the two sorts of leads you’ll generate on Facebook.

5 quick Lead generation ideas from facebook

generate leads from facebook

1. Post landing pages for offers on to Facebook.

One of the simplest ways to get leads on Facebook is just to send people on to landing pages for lead-generating offers.

When you do that , confirm the offer features a compelling featured image that’s getting pulled into the Facebook post. to make sure Facebook pulls the proper image from your blog post into your Facebook posts, you will need to first optimize the image size for Facebook then add the right open graph tags to your website

2. Make Your Lead Magnet Interactive

Providing links back to your landing pages where your Facebook fans can check in to download an ebook, check in for your newsletter, or access your coupon code may be a direct and effective thanks to generate leads from Facebook. While these are excellent tactics that ought to be a neighborhood of your strategy, for capturing high-quality leads, consider offering your brand’s fanbase hosted webinars.

A webinar is a web event. this suggests you’ll create a custom event page on Facebook. As you invite users to the page and check in , you’ll create a buzz, put out alerts, and continually build up interest. Your event posts will stand out, drawing even more attention to your Facebook presence and motivating more users to either check in now or keep your brand in mind later because you’re sending the message that you simply have value to supply .

Most marketers understand the importance of using visuals like images and videos in your Facebook strategy. for instance , Facebook posts with images see 2.3X more engagement than those without images. to show these higher engagement rates into lead generation opportunities, consider including links to your website within the descriptions for your images — especially your profile picture and canopy photo descriptions.

Whether it’s to a blog post, a bit of lead gen content, or simply an “About Us” page, links are opportunities for interested folks to urge to understand your company better, and therefore the descriptions of your profile picture and canopy photo are prime land to try to to it. That way, any time people view your cover photo directly, they will access the download link.

4. Use Facebook Live videos to remind people to register.

Videos are often pretty time-intensive to make . (Not to say intimidating.) But you do not necessarily need to gather the time and resources to make a wonderfully scripted and edited marketing video to leverage the facility of video on Facebook.

Facebook Live is Facebook’s live video platform that lets anyone broadcast live videos from their mobile device straight to their Facebook News Feed. the simplest part about these live videos is that they are meant to be a touch scrappier and more spontaneous than normal marketing videos — that is what makes live videos special.

What’s more, Facebook Live has proven itself pretty incredible for engagement rates. Facebook’s initial data revealed that folks comment 10X more on Facebook Live videos than on regular videos.

So get the conversation going about your lead generation offers by creating a live video to market them. you would possibly promote an occasion by showing the setup live, for instance . Or, you would possibly promote a suggestion by hosting an open Q&A on live video where you really interact with Facebook commenters live and on camera.

5. Use Facebook Forms

Let’s start out by getting right to the purpose . you’ll easily transform your Facebook page into the ‘social’ landing page of the century by employing a form. The advantage of a Facebook contact, newsletter subscribe, or another customized form is that it makes it easier for your potential customers to speak with you as they don’t need to leave your Facebook page.

There are many resources online for creating forms like Wufoo, JotForm, and Formstack. Once your form is made , you’ll embed it into your Facebook page and it’ll show up as a replacement tab on your Facebook page. you’ll also use Facebook’s iFrame application to make custom forms.