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Get an approval of affiliate program

Now a days lots of people doing affiliate marketing is the easiest source to get earning online. And the best part is it’s not so hard to get approval of affiliate network than Google adsense and other ad network. Which makes it sustainable business model.

Although Affilate programs get easy approvals but some of the exceptional affiliate programs not easily approved. The reason behind it is because affiliate manager get so many requested daily to join affiliate networks. In which some of them are spams so that to maintain the quality of affiliate program they ask some tricky question which are answer you need to filled to get approved.

So the solution of this problem Here I’m going to share some tips to get easy approval of any affiliate program.

Get proper domain Name

Whenever you apply to any affiliate program they are for your website domain name. To get approval of affiliate program your domain name should be proper.

It means It should be top level domain like ( It should not sub domain like or If you are using such subdomain then your chances are reduce to get approval of affiliate program. If you not yer registered your domain name form hostinger at cheap price.

Also make sure one thing that when you apply for affiliate program make sure your site is live. Because affiliate manager don’t have lot of time to wait for your site to load.

Design content of website quality with quantity

When affiliate managers visit your website first two things him/her seen is your website design and the quality of content. If you want to get approval then make sure to keep your website design so engaging and responsive also it should have some quality content which encourage affiliate manager to approval your application.

To make responsive design of your website you responsive theme  inyour website I recommend affiliate booster theme for affiliate marketing. It’s specially design for affiliate marketing. 

If you’re already running ads on your website make sure it’s not much times integrate in your website. Keep your sidebar line. And add some basic pages like about us page, contact us page and affiliate disclosure as well.

Apply for relevant affiliate program

Don’t try to apply for each and every affiliate program. Lots of affiliate marketer done this mistake that they apply the every affiliate program. But that not the proper way to do affiliate marketing.

Try to apply for the relevant product of your niche for instance suppose If you’re in digital marketing niche then find the product relevant to digital marketing. Don’t try to apply for health niche product. It’s completely waste of time.

If you’re facing problem with finding niche related product htne I recommend you to join the big affiliate networks like shareASale, commission junction, clickbank etc. here you’ll get the product of each category.

Have a look in terms and service

While applying to any affiliate program first check out the terms and services which gives you clarification all legal norms. 

It’s important because some affiliate program can’t support PPC promotion and other promotional platform so that’s why It’s necessary to read terms and services.

Traffic Sources

In some case affiliate managers check the traffic sources of your website to verify whether you’re legit or not. So that keep shown that what you’re .

Don’t use the traffic generation sites which make bad impression on affiliate manager and also harm your SEO.

Don’t provide social profiles as your website

While apply to affiliate program try to provide your website link where they ask for website. Don’t provide social profiles. And If you’re providing social profiles then make sure it has good amount of fan following of relevant niche.

Why affiliate managers not approved the application with social profiles url?

If you’re going to apply with social profiles then it becomes tough for the affiliate managers to recognize your promotional strategies so they prefer to stay away from those applications.

Be Patient

Usually affiliate managers got dozens of application per day. So to approve your application may take some more time. So Don’t be panic and be patient and wait for your applications.

Give more time to affiliate managers to understand and verify your profile properly.

Use business email to apply

While you apply to any affiliate program then always refer to use business email  because It helps affiliate managers to find trust worthy person. Also it helps to find the real owner of the site.

If you don’t have business email then you can try normal email address as well. but don’t make it spamming my creating special email for the perticular affiliate program because it reduce you chances to get approved.

Must explain all expected promotion sources 

Some affiliate program ask for your used promotional sources that you’re using to promote their product. Here you need specified. Promotional sources. I recommend you that mention all the promotional methods.

Just because If you mentions all promotional methods then If in case you promote you can’t face any loss of account termination and tracking problem.


I hope you understand that what you should do and not to get approved witha ny affiliate program.

Now I would like to hear from you

What you’re facing while approving any affiliate program? And what is the common problem you need to facing to get approved for affiliate program.