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Market local business online

Local business are facing issues at that time to get fulfill the goals and get more business they can move online to see some good results. 

To start online they can market local business online. Because to move business in this moment have lots of benefits. Like you can expand your customer base.  If you’re running physical shop  then your customer base is the nearby people of your shop. But If you move to the online then you can target much wider audience.

To helps you our here I’m going to share how you can market local business online which gives you ideas marketing.

12 strategy to market local business online

#1. Use business listing sites like Google Local and others

There are lots of sites are available online which lists business online. And the most popular name is Google locals and Yahoo local are the best site to list your business.

It helps people to find your business online. And the one rule of online marketing is “people purchase those what they see. So that most primary way to move online is to list your business on listing sites. Just like google listing and yahoo listing lots of listing sites are available online.

#2. Optimize website for SEO

Search engine optimization can’t ignore in a world where people share everything by just googling online. SEO plays vital role in the getting more business. To get search ranking on more keywords you can start blog on your website. If you write some quality articles and do some link building then you surely rank for the some keywords.

In blog you can share more stuff related your business. Like tell people about your business. How your product will help them to solve the burning problem. All this things will helps you in ranks your website. Do some keyword research and see the some targeted keywords related to your business and work on it.

#3. Offer free product and service

To get more leads for your business you can offer free products or service that you offers to people. Which helps you to get more leads for your business.

If you want that you  will get recurring sells to your product ans service then this strategy is very helpful for you. Firstly offer service for free and then target them according to their behaviour towards you.

For instance You have pizza business. Then you can offer a free pizza for the first orders and get their details then target them on special occasion and newly exciting offers. So that you can repetitively get more eyeballs and when they want to eat pizza. They simply order from you.

#4. Use social sites for brand building

Brand building is also so crucial part in online world. And for this you don’t need to do some huge task just simple use the social media sites like facebook, instagram, twitter etc.

On social media create an community of people who interested in your product and establish daily connection with audience. Also you can share good images of products on regular basis.

#5. Use Facebook ads strategy

Facebook ads are great and effective way make some sales online to local business. If you have local business and want to target nearby people then you can easily target the those audience with facebook with just their targeting options.

Just because people use Facebook most used social media you get more advantage of it by targeting them.

For instance, Just suppose you have a pizza store then you can be targeted specifically according to your store nearby region and target them to get customers. And to increase your ROI you can get their contact details so that you can retarget them again and again.

#6. Use email marketing or sms marketing

If you do email or sms marketing to connect with your customer and get recurring sales.

To do email or sms marketing you need one credential either its email address or phone number. To get that credential you can get their contact detail whenever they purchase from you.

To do email marketing so effectively you can use Getresponse Email marketing software. This helps you to send daily updates of your business on automated basis.

#7. Change to memberships model

Online membership model business run very effectively. If you can make your business to membership model then online business will gives you good results as well.

For instance If you have pantry physical store then you can implement membership model so effectively. Here you can offer membership model on monthly basis for some specific price and  provide some extra benefit for enroll members such as free delivery to home get discounts on each items on actual price such that you can target people online and market it with social media.

#8. Use multivendor ecommerce platforms

For local business the ecommerce is the best option to expand it. For this youd in’t need to start your own ecommerce store.

You just need to use the top ecommerce companies and use their platforms. Because this platforms are also available for vendors to sell their products.

 Amazon and Flipkart are the two top ecommerce players in India. As If you are in cooking business then you can go with food delivery apps as well.

“Try to be avaliable on every possible platform to good business.”

#9. Create your online identity

To make your local business online you need create some online identity which helps you to build a reputation under your customer’s mind.

To create online identity you can start you business website as well as you can create free social media profiles which describe your business so well.

#10. Be creative with Youtube

Youtube is the one best platform for video streaming so If you have business then you can also use youtube to target an audience. IF you are creative then create some creative videos and share on your youtube channel. Be sure that add call to action where people can contact you regarding business.

For instance If you have apparels stores then you can record videos with your special clothes specifications. And add your mobile number so that they can contact you for orders.

#11. Set up Customer referral program

If you have settled business then you can start customer referral program through which you can give opportunity to your customers to refers some customers to your business. On the behalf of this you provide some incentives to them. Or also you can provide commission as well.

For instance just you have local business of dairy then you can start your own customer referral program and when someone purchases from you then you can provide then one code through which they can refer people to your service. And instead of this you provide them some incentives or commission as suitable for your business.

#12. Offer Discount

In digital marketing era every one starts to gain more customer toward their business. And If you want to stay in this competitive world you need to grab more customer to your business. 

To grab customers you can offer discounts on your products and service what ever you serve. So that customer comes to purchase your product. If you offers quality service then customer return again and again. When you offers discount make sure to market it so well that they reach to the maximum people. For this you can use social media as I mention above here social will helps you a lot.


To start local business online you need proper strategy make it first and be sure that the see the every strategies flaws and then decide you need execute it or not.

Here I shared some strategies to market local business online see that and decide which is good for your business and use it.

Tell me if you already make your business online in comment section…