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Sales Funnel
Sales Funnel

Have a business?

But not getting profit. Why?

The reason is that you have not the perfect sales funnels which encourage your customer to make a sale.

In fact according researches it founds that how have perfect sales funnels can grab more and more sales.

But the question is how to build sales funnel?

That’s exactly we learned in this article.

So you have keep proper knowledge about the sales funnels. That’s exactly I’m sharing in this article

What is online sales?

Before we understand sales funnel is exactly what first find out sales or online sales

Basically Sales is the transaction between two parties in which one is buyer and second is sellers. Typically exchanged goods and services on behalf of money or assets.

In other words sales is the agreement between buyer and seller of regarding the price of security.

Now it would be clear but why sales needed?

If we talk in the point of view of business then sales is the revenue you get from your business. 

Sales is crucial part of any business sales decide the profit and losses in balance sheet if sales is more than investment then its profit or less than investment then loss. As simple sales is needed.

What is Sales Funnel?

Now we define sales funnel in simple words. Basically sales funnel term is used in online marketing. It’s the path of website visitor towards buying intent about your product or service.

The biggest cons of sales funnel some people doesn’t complete sales funnel but their pros is you can also targeted audience who leave the funnel at the top stage.

Through their contact detail you can influence them to complete sales process through sales funnel remaining.

Let’s imagine it in offline mode. Suppose you have a mall. People which is your customer make a sale from your mall. 

Now people comes and want to buy a pen they tumbs through pen rack that’s the top stage of sales funnel. And while they make it buy then that’s the bottom of the sales funnel. Because reason you create sales funnel is make sales.

That same process plays on your website. Make associate it with sales.

Why sales funnel is so important?

In simple word sales funnel is the path of website visitor before purchasing items or goods.

Just because of having a funnel you can find customer intent about your products. You can find drops of your funnel.

But if you can’t understanding the sales funnel then it’s hard to optimize it according to customer needs.

Because of sales funnel you can influence those who go through funnels but not convert into sales. That’s marketing part but it’s specially designed for only targeted customers.

How sales funnel works?

There are many words to differentiate the sales funnel bit the common is AIDA stages to explain sales funnel. 


A :- Awareness

I :- Interest

D :- Desicion

A :- Action

While design the sales funnel make sure to consider this stages.

While visitors comes to your site through Google search and social link then prospect is not to buy rom you but before purchasing from you they would like read more blog post and watch videos related to your product. This is the best time o grab it as a lead. 

If you successful to grab it as a lead then you target them outside your website via emails, phone calls or by texting etc.

Your prospect path top of funnel is to grab it as a lead then at the bottom as buyer.

4 stages of Sales funnel

It is easy o remember this 4 stage sales funnel AIDA stands for awareness, interest, Decision, Action.

Sales funnel stages
Sales funnel stages

Each stage has different goal prospect. Because you don’t want to send wrong messages at wrong time.

For eg. While you went to hotel then waiter first ask for starter not for complete dessert.

Let’s have a look into the each stage of funnel in details


Here you aware people about your product or service

Here you first catch the attention of people through social media channels like facebook instagram twitter and from Google search and something else.

For this stage your goal is promotion of your business and offer.

If everything will be ok then customers sometimes buy immediately. 

More often, the awareness stage is more of a courtship. You’re trying to woo the prospect into returning to your site and engaging more with your business.


When customer reach to the interest stage they are doing research and compare product with other options. Here you can provide effective content that increase their interest in your products or service.

The goal here is to establish your expertise, help the consumer make an informed decision, and offer to help them in any way you can.


Decision stage is that where customer make a decision to buy. Here you can add something that make your offer great. 

It could be anything that easy for customer to next stage to do action.


Now customers decide to purchase items. It’s time to take action. Here customer purchase your product and become the part of your business ecosystem.

Just because customers reaches to the bottom of the funnel then it doesn’t mean hat your work is done. Now it’s time to convert one sell into 10 or multiple sells.

I mean to say that you have to focus on customer retention by expressing gratitude for purchase, invite them for give feedback. Someone it looks useless but this small thing can create a trust factor among customer.

How to build sales funnel?

Now the stages of funnel are decide but  some people ask that how to build sales funnel that convert website visitor into customer.

Step 1: Analyze Your Audience’s Behavior

As more you know about your audience as much effective you can create funnel. That’s why we need to analyze your audience behavior. 

Here you don’t marketing with everyone but you can targeted only people who already fit for that product.

Step 2: Capture Your Audience’s Attention

Capture audience attention means put your content I’m front of your targeted audience.

For this you can hare your content like blog post, infographics, videos and other type of content share on social media and other platform. Share it where you are able to share it. Also you can get organic traffic by doing SEO of it.

If you able to pay money then also use paid ads like native ads ,solo ads, youtube facebook, instagram ads and google AdWords PPC ads in one you can use.

Step 3: Build a Landing Page

Your website’s landing is the place where your potential customers redirect from your shares.

So it is necessary to create engaging landing page which encourage visitor to be sign up for offer. 

In landing page your prospect is to grab a leads not to push them to next level. Because if they put their details they directly goes to next step. But in case they move back then you can target them through contact details.

Step 4: Present a front-end offer.

The next step is to present your front offer among your targeted audience. Where you create opportunity’s to buy or use your service.

Here expose your main offers and their benefits to purchasing.

Step 5: Give an upsell offer on the back end.

Here after customer make a purchase for your front end offers you can upsell with him or her with the back end offer.

Here you can offers to upgrade service to grab for benefits. For example suppose you have business of hostings then you can create a plans and add more feature as they upgrade your service. This is called upsell want to know more about upselling Grab our sales and Marketing checklist.

Step 6: Offer a downsize option.

As in last step we encourage customer to upgrade your service in upselling. But to downsize the customer is also important here you advised for downsize option for potential customers.

If you thing in long term them their is no loss because here you can miss you potential customers. Because in case if customer budget is low and can’t afford to upgrade service. Then it’s necessary to downsize the customer to get at least some purchase.

Step 7: Keep in touch

Sales funnel is not a temporary thing it continuously going on. Here you make a sale for your products and services. But you product and service is not a permanent option. After sometime customers need same requirement. To grab customer next time you need to build a brand trust and good quality service. 

For this you need to follow customer with your upgrade event and content that helps customer believe in you.


To build a funnel of sales is not a joke and the work of one day it takes time and also it hard. But it only ways to survive in competitive market.

Sales funnel is the part of business to grab a potential customer because if you show all details in the front side then customer take away from you. But if you show it one by one then it think and then take decision to buy.

So that sales funnel matters.

Take a short tour of what we learn in this guide of sales funnel.

First we learn what is online sales and sales funnel exactly.  Because without shaving a seed tree not grown. Then we understand why it so important? 

Then we take knowledge of stages of sales funnel and then learn how to building a sales funnel. All this staff we cover in this guide.

Now its your turn share what you think about it?

Is sales funnel important in business. Tell me in comment box.