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50 seo techniques
seo techniques

SEO techniques which help you to make your website make it SEO friendly and rank higher.


What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s very important if you want to rank higher in search engine ranking pages. SEO includes various SEO techniques.

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Here we categories the SEO techniques in this post  such as

  • Technical SEO
  • On page SEO
  • Content SEO
  • Image SEO
  • Link building SEO

If you want to know then read this post complete till the end.

Technical SEO Techniques

Technical SEO is the process to optimize website for crawling and indexing phase. It includes activities like XML sitemap, Search console indexing, robot.txt optimization and a lot more……

Technical seo

1.Create XML sitemap

XML sitemap is a very crucial part of SEO. It helps google or search  engines to index your pages and content on your site. If you want to be listed on search results then this is the contributing factor in SEO.

If you can’t create your XML sitemap then all strategies are a waste of time. So first create your sitemap.

2. Use Google search console to fix issues

Google provides special tools for the site owner to improve site issues according to google ranking factors. Google search console shows a huge amount  of data on your site. Which helps you to fix that issue.

Learn more about Google search console :- Definitive Guide

3. Use cache Plugins

Your site’s cache makes a massive impact on site speed. And as site speed less your user experience becomes reduced which impacts in google search rankings factor.

For site cache we recommend to use wprocket plugin 

4. Consider to integrating AMP (Accelerated mobile pages)

AMP stands for accelerated mobile pages. This is the project of google which aimed for boosting the speed of the web pages.

AMP doesn’t support ongoing java scripts animations , CSS styling and other HTML language.

You can use it in your SEO for increasing user experience. Because AMP is the simplest version of web page

5. Audit your site links

If you are an old player in blogging or your website is old then no doubt you have hundreds of links to your site. Sometimes you get hundreds and thousands of links from a single website. Which is to harm your website pages to indexing so take these things away from your website.

6. Make your whois public

Make sure that your website whois available for everyone. Because many sites public the whois data of many sites. Of its public it builds trust signals for crawlers. Which is great for SEO.

7. Ensure the your site is mobile friendly

Now almost everyone is using mobile internet to search anything on Google. So always keep your website mobile friendly according to google norms.

For checking your website mobile friendly you can use Google mobile friendly test.

To make your site mobile friendly you can use a mobile friendly theme for the website. I recommend using generatepress, astra pro to use. Such themes are mobile friendly and lightweight themes.

8. Use Google Analytics on your website.

Google Analytics is the product of google which helps to see the status regarding your website. Google analytics shows data like 

  • Page views
  • New user or returning user
  • Bounce rate
  • Source of traffic
  • Conversion 
  • User Behavior
  • A lot more.

Google analytics is all in one tool for free. By using it you can plan your SEO activities and do improvement in your website. Learn more Google analytics guide for Beginners

ON page SEO Techniques

On page SEO is the optimization of website to make it seo friendly. It is process to optimize various web page for search engine or user to get higher rankings and relevante web traffic. 

On page is completely done into the bountries of website.

On page seo

9. Use Responsive theme

On page one thing should be clear and important that use the proper theme for the website.

Your website theme should be SEO friendly, mobile friendly and light weight and engaging. Because just having a Responsive theme user experience increases. And as user experience increases, the bounce rate of websites is reduced.

I recommend you to use these themes.

  • GeneratePress :- GeneratePress one simple and easy to use theme for websites. I personally use this theme for my website. I use it because it’s easy to customize and customer support is also good. Newbies can design it very effectively.
  • Focus theme by Thrive Themes :-  focus theme are those themes which have all required options like email opt in, short code etc. This theme is very responsive and easy to optimize. Most affiliate marketers are using these themes for their website. Because it’s very effective for conversions.
  • Astra Pro :- Astra pro is one of the most effective themes that I lastly used in past for my website. Astra pro is a lightweight and responsive theme. you create your homepage with Elementor.
  • Schema theme:- schema theme is SEO optimized light weight theme crafted by Mythemeshop. This theme load time is much better.

10. Maintain the quality of content

Quality content is the best option for doing on page SEO because if the quality of content that you provide is great then not much effort is needed to put in your website. So always keep your website quality content.

To make your content quality you can follow following norms

  • Try to use images and video multimedia regarding the content.
  • Give proper navigation of content
  • Always try to give detailed knowledge about a particular topic.
  • You can redesign your content to make it more engaging.

11. Use keyword in your URL

Keywords are the core of SEO. Keywords means the queries or phrases about which you are writing.

So try to use the keyword in the URL of that web page. Keywords in URL helps to understand crawlers to know what’s this content about.

For example  check out the image of our previous content ita all about PPC advertising so the URL of this web page is

PPC advertising

Also try to make it as short as possible.

12. Optimize your Meta Description

In general if you can write a meta description then google by default gets randomly one meta description which is not much engaging basically it’s a 1-2 sentences.

But if you write a meta description then make it more engageable. Because meta title & description is the impression of your content on SERPs by reading this two users click and view your site. Also CTR rate is Google’s ranking factor. 

Follow this tips while writing meta description

  1.  Write less 150 words in meta description
  2. Try to add your focus key phrase in your meta description.
  3. Try to write better than your competitor.
  4. Use Yoast SEO plugin for Meta Title and Description
Yoast seo - meta Description

13. Add your keywords in heading tags

H1, H2, H3 are the major values on Google eye. Google crawler read out the heading tags as well.

So If you use related keywords in heading tags then google can understand your contents.

Do this while writing heading tags

  1. Don’t spam with heading tags, use it where it is necessary.
  2. Don’t stuff your keywords on heading tags. Not use the keyword in every tag directly. 
  3. User experience comes first in heading tags.

14. Use Social Share buttons

As google mentions, social sharing has no impact on SEO but social signals are useful for you. Social sharing also increases your chance to get more exposure. 

So try to use social share icons on your pages and at appropriate positions.

15. Make every page Title unique and Descriptive

If you want to rank higher in google then you need to follow this google’s main algorithms. In which one rule is you pages and post doesn’t have repeated titles and pages. Try to make your all pages titles or meta titles unique and descriptive.

So that It serves better results on search engines. Follow these tips while writing meta titles.

  • Avoid naming pages similarly. Try to make some difference between them 
  • Use odd number in title of you are using list articles
  • Try to add high authority words like ultimate, complete, definitive.

16. link your pages Internally

Internal linking is the key to on page SEO techniques. This links are great to do. 

Just because of internal linking while google crawler crawls your one page then they can also crawl the linked pages on that page.

So that internal link are great to do just follow this instructions while doing internal linking

  1. No use more 3-4 links in each page 
  2. Link to relevant pages with proper anchor text
  3. Avoid links stuffing it affects on user experience.

17. Improve Readability of content

Try to improve readability of your website content. Because it’s readable for users then they stay more time on your website which reduces bounce rate of your website. Which is the one factor of SEO.

Also the benefits of good readability can greatly influence your audience. And make them loyal about your brand.

Content SEO Techniques

Content is main body of your website. Because In the content your serve value to your visitor.

Also good seo friendly content helps search crawler to find your content relevancy.

Content seo

18. Make your content errorless

Content consistent with the factual, inconsistent and broken links simply can affect your rank well. It is also not  helpful for user experience and search engine crawlers just lost. SO to make sure you have edited and proofread your content consistently.

19. Use long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are those keywords which have more than 3 words. Also you can define it as the long tail most specific version of your keywords.

Just suppose your main keyword is SEO then then your long tail keywords become “How to do SEO?” Is the long tail keyword?

Try to find out long tail variations of your main keywords and use it in your content.

20. Include post content Navigation

Content navigation is helps to increase your experience. Because while reading a long content user becomes bored and wants to read only a particular part then they can navigate directly that part.

For this you can include a table of contents of your post so that they access your content. it can also cause Google to create Sitelinks on the post’s SERP result, which really makes your posts stand out from other sites in the results.

21. Try to use multimedia Alternatives

Now you can see Google not only rank articles or writing content but also rank video images  and audio content also.

If you can create other alternatives of multimedia like videos, audios then it helps you to get ranking in those ways. Also you can create interactive content with the help of gifs, funny things.

22. Create long content

Longer content is always the key to make your SEO much easier. According to  research found that as content length is more the chance of ranking higher is increased. 

Search engines become smart today. They can tell between quality and fluffy content. So, make sure your content is long AND great

23. Update your old posts

If your website is old and working for the last 5 to 10 years. Then always remember one thing that always refers to editing and updating your content time to time.

Just because updating content your already ranking content becomes more updated which helps to build trust factor. Also you can include your newly created content link so that they can also rank with it.

24. Add up external links in your content

As like internal links external links are more important to include if you create any guide based content then add up the links of relevant sources or research it increases credibility of your website.

25. Make shorter your URLS

Suppose you create content on ultimate guide of digital marketing the your URL becomes “”

Image SEO techniques

Images have criminal part of website and it need to optimize to get higher ranking in image section.

Also images are ranking on the web so if websites images are properly seo friendly then it haces some extra traffic to website.

Image seo

26. Add image Alt text 

Search engines become more clever. Bit still crawlers can’t tell the image content so this alt text can help you out.

Basically the alt text is the best way to describe your image in the eye of a crawler. It also helps your images rank in the google image section and get some more extra traffic.

27. Give Appropriate name to your image Files 

Again, search engine crawlers can look out everything but the actual contents of the image. Naming the images appropriately allows for better search engine readability, which in turn improves your SEO ranking.

28. Include your image to XML site map

Make sure that all the stuff of your website must be included in the XML site map of your site. Because the sitemap is crawled by the search engine. To improve ranking make sure your all images should be properly indexed, you can add it to this sitemap.

How to implement this:

For this, you have two options. Both work effectively, but we’d recommend option two.

  1. Add the appropriate tags to your sitemap manually. You can learn more about this by reading the Google webmaster help article on it.
  2. Use a plugin to generate your XML sitemap. Yoast SEO comes highly recommended. Also you can use Rankmath for it.

29. Use Appropriate Image size 

Make sure that you use appropriate image size because if you scale the image 2400×1600 then the image takes load time high which can affect the whole site’s load time.

Make sure while taking action.

  1. Ensure you’re using appropriate size designed by wordpress.
  2. Make sure to compress your every image by using external tools.
  3. Also you can use wp smush wordpress plugin for this.

30. Give Caption to Images 

Also just like alt text the captioning of the image also gives better view in the eyes of google. This makes better user experience, SEO indexing better.

For what captioning is done

  1. For increase user experience to your reader
  2. To improve content SEO of websites and reduce bounce rate.

31. Use compress Images 

Images also take a lot of space which can easily slow down your website speed.

Technically any visibility images can be compressed by 60% without impact on image quality.

32. Use Responsive Images 

If you websites images are responsive and different font style wording and fancy image structure can help to increase user experience of your website. 

Also you can create infographic forms of your content then this will also help to create your content fancy and helps in link building also.

33. Set a featured Image 

If you’re using wordpress then one section is there called featured image. This image is the image that search engines and social media use while you share your post.

Featured image

Link Building SEO techniques

Link building is very important aspect of seo links are the external source which refer your site.

Links are important because it help search crawler to find your website.

Link building seo

34. Content Promotion on various platforms 

People avoid giving his tips but content promotion is very effective if you want traffic to your site. You can do content promotion on various platforms.

How to do Content Promotion?

  1. Decide your audience’s identical platform generally whether it’s facebook or google ads.
  2. Then track your custom audience and start content promotion
  3. For this you can refer to this article. PPC advertising

35. Do email Outreach 

Email Outreach is also a great way to secure links to your website through securing guest posts and other link building. But if you Spammy it looks Spammy also.

To do email outreach more effectively you can use personal touch while outreaching with bloggers and website owners. Just like adding their name. Show then relationship touch.

When email outreach works effectively?

  1. If you’re creating extremely useful and resourceful content which helps you to get the people to know about it.
  2. Also helps if you create a better version of existing content.

For email outreach main thing is email address which you can found out by using this tool

36. Use Skyscraper Techniques 

You can also use backlinko skyscraper techniques to promote your content. 

The concept pretty simple

  1. Find the link worthy content existing on the internet
  2. Create a better version of it.
  3. And outreach people who might like, share and link to the content.

37. Leading factor called quantity of links

According to backlinko’s monstrous breakdown of over 1 million Google searches found that content having more backlinks to site, page or piece of content chances to become rank higher increases.

Use this information to get linked

  1. Try to get linked out from high quality websites.
  2. Continuously provides awesome piece of content
  3. Contribute with guest posting

38. Track your Brand Mention

Track brand mention is pretty simple to do but make sure that this is advanced link building techniques. 

Simply find the site which mentions your brand on their site but not give a link. Reach to them and ask for the link.

39. Contribute to the other site

If you start as a beginner website and struggle to build links then this technique will help you get quality links from trusted websites. 

Basically guests post on other people’s websites instead of giving value on their website instead of getting links from that website.


40. Remove Bad Backlinks 

Not every backlinks are equal from an SEO point of view. Because some backlinks from poor sites will harm your site all well. So need to remove such backlinks from your site. 

Here’s How you can remove bad backlinks

For removing bad backlinks contact the webmaster of any poor site link to your site and request to remove the backlink. For webmaster refuse then use tools like google disavow tool

41. Request Attribution on your material 

It’s obvious that people may use your content in some way. Whether it is image, video or ask them to give attribution to get benefits to both parties.

How to do this?

  1.  First find out who can use your content on their site. If image then reverse image search or if written then search key phrases
  2. Then contact them to ask for attribution regarding that content otherwise remove it.

42. Answer the quora questions 

quora is basically the question answering platform. By answering the questions on quora you can get backlink for your website. Also it is a great way to get traffic for websites.

But don’t try to spam on quora otherwise they remove your answers

How to get started with quora?

  1.  First the questions regarding your niche.
  2. Give a high quality answer to beat other existing answers on quora.
  3. And add a relevant backlink to that content but makeure that  don’t use spammy links as well.

43. Start roundup post featuring people in your niche 

Roundup post is the post which includes in your niche. So create a roundup post in your niche and start featuring popular people into it and tell them about it. If they did this greatly then they will share it with their audience as well.

How to start round posts?

  1.  First identify an influencer in your niche.
  2. Get familiar with them through their content.
  3. Find the tropical theme findings and start a cheating post on it.
  4. Use their content with attribution
  5. And let them know that you mentioned them on the post.

44. Pitch yourself in other writing roundups 

Also just like creating a roundup post is great you can also feature with other people roundup posts. it might be worth pitching (or sharing) said content with people that are creating roundup posts. Easy, free backlink right there!

How to do this

  1.  Create an awesome quality content 
  2. After that finding the people who doing roundup posts
  3. Pitch them your content which fits for their roundup.

45. Get relevant wikipedia link. 

Wikipedia is the online free to use encyclopedia which is open for everyone. Also wikipedia is a high authority site and the one backlink from wikipedia is great. Find the relevant wikipedia page regarding your niche and share your useful stuff. And add the back links in citation. Also your content is highly relevant to that wikipedia page otherwise links will be removed from this.

46. Create Evergreen content 

Evergreen content is the content which doesn’t have any expiry date. Find some topic in your niche and write quality content on it. After that use your best marketing strategy to promote it. And get no. Of backlink to that content.

Evergreen content is always link worthy because that content is useful whenever people read that.

47. Provide honest testimonials 

Pick your favourite product or service that you’re using and give the honest testimonial of that product. You might end up with the back link if they publish it!!

How you can use this right now:

List your favourite services and products.

Write a high-quality testimonial for them.

Send it to the company in question.

Wait and see.

48. Use Broken link Building

Broken link building is the reclamation of a link from a particular site to get from the broken pages. This pages are those pages which don’t work right now. These pages show 404 page errors.

Basically In this technique first find the broken links  across the web. To find broken links you can use Chrome extension like check my links which shows all broken links of that particular web page. Also you can use some SEO tools to find 404 broken links.

Then find who gives them backlinks here also use SEO tools. Then simply contact such sites to make them aware about broken links on their site. Also pitch your content for alternatives to those links.

49. Start Podcasting store

Podcasting is another great way to get backlink from it. 


 You also call it future link building strategy because google started to change their algorithm for voice search.

Firstly create a podcast related to your industry. And then upload it on podcast sites like google podcast, Spotify, apple podcast, itne, and add text in description with the hyperlink of your website. You will get do follow backlink to your website.

Also you can start a podcast on your own site and like neil patel like neil patel marketing school.

50. Keep updating with google algorithms

If you have a website and are doing SEO then you need to be completely updated with the upcoming google algorithm.

Because google becomes too smarter day by day and tries to add new algorithms which may suddenly down your website traffic and bad your SEO techniques so it’s necessary to keep updating with algorithms.


Yes SEO is hard day by day and new websites count also increase with the time goes. So here I share some powerful SEO techniques which help to gain website SEO in the proper way. 

Now go to your site and time to implement SEO techniques. Because without implementation it’s a waste of time!!!

Also tell me which is your favourite SEO techniques in the comment section.

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