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Social media followers
Social media followers

Social media is the perfect way to promote your business and get sales. Because It’s free, you can target your post and your audience as you want. But on social media followers is the crucial part. In social media one rule is mandatory

Social media followers= trust

So that everyone on social media wants to increase their social media followers as well. So that they use some social media strategy.

Why Social media Followers are Important?

If you have a business and Imagine you have a huge social media followers then your brand recognition increases and improve your customer loyalty, and conversion of sales volume is high and all this happens due to social media followers, Your marketing cost reduced because you don’t need to pay for using social media so that social media followers are important.

1.Complete your all social media profiles

Firstly complete your all social media profiles social media to use if you have an account on it. And make it complete. A complete profile is a sign of trust. Because on social media there are much fake social profiles so to show yourself legit complete your social profiles.

It also influences people to follow back you on social media. If you are a new business and looking for a new social network, make sure you check all the profile credentials.

Some premium tips to optimize social media profiles include:

  • On Instagram add stories highlights by giving some message regarding your Instagram page.
  • On Facebook complete about as section make it complete with your business product and services. And about little stuff about the company.
  • LinkedIn Give five steps process to complete the profile make it complete. If you’re individual and looking for a job then upload your cv on LinkedIn as well.

2. Promote your social media profile in your own channels

Obviously you can’t use single social media platform you use multiple social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn so to get Instagram followers on LinkedIn you can promote your LinkedIn profile on Instagram and Instagram profile on LinkedIn.

On every social media at least one link sharing option. So I suggest you one tool called Linktree to promote your multiple profiles on a single platform. Linktree helps you to create one page where you can add various links and you’ll get one Linktree link that you can add to your social media bio section.

If you have your own blog then you can promote your social links on your blog as well. If You’re using Youtube then video description is the best way to promote social links. Promote your social profile on your all owned channels.

3. Always use hashtags to get organic reach

Hashtags are almost the part of every social media right now whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Generally, Hashtags helps to get organic reach to your social media I suggest you use 30 hashtags for Instagram, 10 hashtags to Twitter, 20 for Facebook and 10 for LinkedIn In a ratio 25:25:25:25

hashtags strategy of social media

25% of your total hashtags should be popular and high trending relevant one

25% of your total hashtags should be a medium level 

25% of your total hashtags should low level and highly focused

25% of your total hashtags should be a long-tail variation of the relevant topic

In such away, you can decide your hashtag strategy as well. Hashtags are a great way to get engagement on social media so that If you get engagement then you can convert them into your social media followers by your amazing content. 

Instagram has reduced their organic reach so that if you are using hashtags then you can see not great but good results as well. But on Twitter and Linkedin you can get some engagement through hashtags, in fact, twitter itself well known for trending hashtags.

To explore hashtags strategies you can use a tool like Keyhole, Hashtagify which helps you in your hashtags strategy or you can do your own research as well.

4. Use Instagram stories full advantage

Instagram stories are a very optimistic way to increase engagement. As I said Instagram reduced their organic reach but still If you are using hashtags and Geolocation and mention features then you can likely to get engagement through Instagram stories. 

This I personally experience with Instagram stories. Make sure share your all stuff you shared on Instagram on Instagram because through Insta stories you can get engagement to your content as well.

5. Be genuine and use social media engagement strategies.

One of the best strategy to increase social media followers count among other strategies that you can not automate.

Engagement is the best strategy to increase your Social media followers count. Because If you successful to generate engagement on your social media profile then people likely to share your content which is also the part of engagement and genuinely you getting the social media followers as well.

One thing you need to remember that social media engagement increases as much of your content become consumed. Social media algorithms are work like that. Don’t sound like unreasonable. Your post and comments are reasonable and genuine. People can easily believe it.

6. Collaborate with likeminded peoples

Social media is all about interacting with other people, In fact, apart from business social media is a free interaction platform to be social yourself.

Instead, you use social media for business but still, you have to show that you’re a normal guy like other people use social media.

Try to interact with like-minded people. Collaborate with the micro-influencers do live with them. Perform some activity and share it on their handles. I don’t you observed it or not but I observed one thing that If someone follows two influencers one you and other one micro-influencers and if you both come into collaboration people much like to engage with the video and obviously brand promote happens for both.

So I highly recommend to collab with micro-influencer is great for both of you.

7. Run ads on social media

You have to understand that after all social media is the business so to become profitable they need to do some strict decision as well. 

So that now many social media reducing their organic reach so that people spend some cash on advertising. It’s started right now. Facebook, Instagram already reduced their organic reach now slowly other platforms will doing the same. 

So To grow on social media and If you’re newly started account then start to use advertising on it. I don’t say spend tons of cash to save your cash you can do ads optimization to get better results.

While running social media general engagement ads follow these simple tips

  • Target your niche audience properly.
  • Design ads which excited audience who see this
  • Set lowest bid 
  • Add proper call to action button
  • Keep answering comment getting on your ads.

Follow these simple tips you can create an awesome ad on social media.

8. Use new features of social media

Social media new feature gives you a new hike. While You’re using new features on any social media you can see your organic reach is high. The reason is To reach up to the entire audience If you use the new feature then your reach becomes. High.

For instance. Do one experiment on Instagram post-normal news feed post and one IGTV or story post. Use the same hashtags and caption all content is also the same. You’ll see that the engagement or impression you get on IGTV  or stories is higher than news feed post.

9. Use Analytics to plan content strategies

Social media platforms provide analytics about their platform to ease their customer to run ads on their platform to target the relevant audience.

But if you analysis your analytics you can use to decide your content strategy. To encourage people to share your content and get you, followers.

How to plan a content strategy with social media analytics?

  1. First, check out your page analytics.

  2. Check which post trending on your page in term of engagement. Basically it’s signal for you to decide your content strategies

  3. Also, you can do that use different content on your pages and see what happens if it’s trending then you can go with. It’s all about searching and implementing.

In such away, you can decide on content strategies. Be caution that It’s not just done for one time do it consistently. Check your social media analytics on a weekly as well as the monthly basis and decide your content strategies. 

You have to understand one thing that social media is all about content so As your content quality improves you’ll get benefits.

Bonus Tip

Build social media Relationships

Social media has the power to build strong relationships. If you have strong social media relationships then you’ll be the king of social media.

I’m saying this because If you see that every day on social media controversial thighs happen. In this controversies person who wins has good social media relationships. Which supports the winner. 

“ Good Relationships are the key to success in social media”

Conclusion:- How to get Social media Followers?

Social media followers is mandatory to get free business from social media.  To handle multiple social media is hard to do. So I suggest using to focus on single social media to get social media followers from it and then go with the multiple channels.

So the benefit of it You have already very good social media followers on one social channel so At least you have an audience so It’s easy for you to convert that audience to other platforms as well.

I observed one thing on social media that If you get initial followers then It’s not hard to get more organically. The reason behind this because some people already follow you that’s your loyal one. So they share content as well. They automatically give you organic Social media followers.

So keep trying to use social media for business and I’m sure you use this technique and see the results.