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Social media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

I don’t need to explain what social media is right this world of the Internet I think everyone whether it child or adult everyone is familiar with social media.

Social media is the fastest growing trend in the world of the internet. As you experience it right now. Social media game changes statically more several companies. From this social media business many companies get their billion dollar businesses.

Social media growth you can imagine the thing with that they can grab their first 1 billion users in just initial 10 years.

If you said that 10 out of 8 people are using the internet right now then it’s not wrong. Because people in each corner in the world are using social media.

Why do people use social media so much?

Because social media comes the entire world too close. As like the big circle of earth, get into your smartphone or pc. And that easy gathering becomes game changing all over the world.

On the earth approx. 200+ countries are there and one additional virtual country is established due to social media which I named it facebook. 

Yes, Facebook because facebook is the biggest social media over the Internet. Millions and millions of people are using facebook right now. In fact after reading this post If you check the meter then you see the number changes in thousands and lakhs of posts.

Now you can imagine how it increased this time. The reason behind this I found is actually we are addicted to mobile phones and social media apps.

If you see this as an opportunity then we created a market which everyone can get access to and that is why social media Marketing comes into action.

In this social media marketing guide I will try to cover each and every topic whether it’s smaller. So this comprehensive guide will help you get more chances.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Basically social media marketing is the process of getting the attention or engagement of people to fulfill your marketing goals like website traffic, sales conversion, online store traffic.

Also you define social media marketing is a process to create content that brings user engagement, traffic for your content in short the content which helps people.

But you said there are many social media platforms and creating targeted content for each type of platform is hard and time consuming as well. Because creating content takes time. And If I spend time on just creating content then not focus on other aspects. 

So the solution to this is just create content which is helpful for every platform which indirectly helps to reduce your content creation time and you can target an audience on each platform.

Now one thing I want to explain here is that social media completely runs on their organic reach and as a business their revenue model is earning from advertising. For that person they want to stay with you on their platform. Organic reach can completely destroy their revenue model.

So in the future they can reduce their platform organic reach to earn more revenue or profits. As their results are seen on various platforms like facebook, instagram If you can see that they are reducing their organic reach.

For check out this just do one thing Go on Instagram or facebook check out your old post stats and see the latest post stats which you can’t advertise. Then see the difference between them.

Social media is still boon if they reduce their organic reach because they have an audience or people like you and me.

Now I asked you a quick question: How much social media are you using or you know?

1 or 2 or 10 at last 15 but you can believe that according to wikipedia at still date 200+ social media platforms are available all over the internet just we can’t know. 

But the hack is only one marketing on every social media. Which creates awesome content.

social media marketing metrics

Content :-  content is something that never changes in the world of the internet. Because the whole internet grows on social media. People like the internet because they consume content here. And Marketing is also effective if you create content. 

Hashtags :- Hashtags are the one source from where you can get the organic reach to your content or post. Because on various social media platforms one feature called hastagat system is available. 

Hashtags are works in such way that add relevant word regarding your post under ‘#’ character. Then it calculate under that particular section that you type in. Hashtags help visitors to find your content easily. So that it helps to get organic results for your post.

Shares :- share is one exciting feature of social media many big social media like facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Tiktok are using this feature. 

Basically, the Share feature gives consumers the opportunity to share the content they like with their relatives and friends. 

A marketer share feature is very useful and it acts as a referral for your business. Because your audience indirectly promotes your brand with their relatives.

Context :-  Just like content context is also much impressive on social media. If you just share serious content people become bored. 

Try to add some facts and fun in your content if you add it long form content it is not much helpful even not in consumer mind but if you add it as a tweet then it likely gets more eyeballs and shares.

Engagement :- Engagement is the general work which is used in social media. It means that people are interacting. It includes like, comment, share, link click everything which interacts with the post.

As much more people interact as your post gets, popular social media algorithms take it as a benchmark.

Some most Use Social media Platforms for marketing

Social media becomes too popular as internet grows. So if you have a proper social media then it’s key for you to become succeed Here I share some popular social media channels that you might know about them.

Top social media platforms
Top Social Media Platforms

#1. Facebook

If you talk about social media and forget facebook isn’t possible. Because facebook has a larger social media platform all over the world. Facebook has 2 billion+ users on their site.

I think I don’t need to tell much about facebook because everyone here may know about facebook as well. 

For social media marketing facebook is a great option. If you know that facebook ads are the cheapest advertising platform for users. So around 7 millions advertisers are running advertising on facebook right now. So you can imagine who facebook has a big market share in the social media world.

If you have any niche then can’t miss out on facebook because each and every category customer is available on facebook at this moment.

#2. Instagram

After facebook another will trend in the last 2-3 years which is Instagram. Basically I stavan is also the product of facebook. Facebook acquired instagram in 2012 for us$1 billion. From that moment instagram started to be popular among people. Instagram just crossed 1 billion active users landmark in April 2020. 

Instagram is very effective for influencers. In fact instagram interface is specially designed such that it helps influencers as well.

 #3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn also saw some growth potential last couple of years. It is perfect for the B2B business. Because mostly businessmen, Experts and influencers widely use this platform. It may compete with facebook and instagram in future. Because LinkedIn has 575+ millions users in which 260 millions people monthly are active on LinkedIn.

If you want to generate quality leads for your business then linkedin is the best platform for you. LinkedIn marketing solution is an advertising platform for it. Advertise here and try it out once.

Also till It has much organic reach. So your post can get much  exposure for your business. If you’re a job seeker or freelancer then this platform is dedicated for you. Here you can find the perfect job that you want. Because many businesses are listing their job recruitment here.

 #4. Twitter

Twitter is basically the micro blogging social media platform. It has around 330 million .Monthly active users right now. I think you might be aware of twitter because many social media debates happen here. Also politicians, businessman make their announcements here.

Twitter is mostly used by bloggers and big personalities. But growing on Twitter is much harder as I experience with this platform. But you can share your website updates, posts, images and links. 

 #5. Youtube

Youtube is not exactly social media but it counts as social media as well. It is a much bigger competitor of facebook, even more big than youtube. You said that it’s a video search engine as well. Youtube has 2 billion+ users and it’s owned by google.

Youtube is completely dedicated to the videos. Just like other social media platforms you can’t share separate images, links. Here you need to create a video and youtube channel. Mostly youtube gives chances to their creators to earn money from them. By sharing their ad revenue with them.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

There are various reasons why your business needs social media Marketing. Here I share some benefits of social media marketing….

1.Learn from your competitors

Social media is very effective to learn from your competitors because here everyone has freedom to access and see others data. Just reference to their social media tactics, product analysis of what they’re promoting, campaigns they’re implementing and how they interact with their followers.

See that what your competitors can do or can’t do this. Also review their social media accounts and see what you can implement in your business.

2. Use it for Lead Generation and Boost your sales conversions.

As I said social media have their own audience based. If you only talk about facebook then facebook have more than 1 billion audience available on their platform. 

So promoting your product and improving sales on Social media is always a great option.

Here’s some examples of ways you can use social media for lead generation.

  • Create Lead Magnet for your audience to grab them as a lead. Promote that lead magnet on your social profiles.
  • Create a contest for your followers on various social profiles to make them engaged and opt in as lead.
  • Go Live  on social media to make announcements about your product or service and updates about your company.
  • Add up website links and offers in your bio section and share it on social profiles.
  • Sell products through your social profiles because social media platforms like facebook, Instagram has a shop section where you can sell your product. This feature gives  visitors to click and share in post view information such as price, material and size.

3. Increase Brand Awareness

In fact, social media has been proven to boost brand awareness by driving up engagement. Social engagement includes things like comments, likes, shares, and re-posts. Social media also helps you increase brand awareness by directing traffic straight to your site. You can do this by including direct links to your website in your profile, bio, and posts.

Businesses can share content related to your products as well as details of the company. So that it has potential to improve brand awareness.

4. Collaborate with Influencers

Social media is open for everyone so that you can interact with many influencers and make collaboration with them. 

Influencers also can easily connect with you. You can reshare their content in your platform without any restrictions.a

Not just collaboration if you’re individual then you can be popular on social media and become an influencer too.

5. Low cost Advertising

Social media advertising is low cost and high volume advertising. If you advertise on Google ads and on facebook ads then facebook ads are low cost and getting easy results but in google ads it’s hard to get that results.

How to Create Social media marketing strategy?

Social media marketing is done by everyone but someone succeeds and someone fails and that’s the difference between both of them.

Who sustains and conserves will get the result that they want. So to keep understanding one thing is to become consistent. 

Here I share one specific way you can use step by step in social media marketing

Social Media Marketing Strategy
Social Media Marketing Strategy

#1. Research your audience

First step in marketing is to find your audience. Which type of audience is suitable for your business? By determining your audience so you can target their needs and interests appropriately.  For this first think about the people you’re targeting. Then observe their behaviour on various platforms. Try to find their likes and dislikes. For example If your product is a digital marketing service. Then your audience will be new companies and startups who need marketing support. 

To understand your audience is the key of any business. Because if you can’t understand your audience then it becomes hard for you to target them. So it’s necessary to find the correct audience. So that you can give a lot of value to your audiences.

#2. Select your one social media platform

Now you know which type of audience suitable for your product. It’s time to find an appropriate social media platform. At the initial stage, try not to use each and every social media. Use it but not focus on every social media platforms.

Find the platform which is suitable for your product to promote. Where your audience is present. For eg. If your client base is Other Businesses then LinkedIn is suitable for getting B2B clients. If your audience is common man you sell beauty, health, style related products then Facebook and Instagram is for you.

Find the audience which is suitable for your business. 

#3. Try to Build your Profile

After selecting a social media platform where your whole work will start. 

First of all start to build your profile on that particular platform. Keep finding an audience regarding your business. 

Interacting with other people on that platform helps your audience. And create your strong profile. While your Audience visits your profile then all information is ready available for them about you.

#4. Create unique and engaging content

As I earlier said, content is the king on every social media platform. So It’s important to create content which delivers value to your audience.

To get help to know about content visit your biggest successful competitor on hat platform. School their profile. Find how they create content for their profile and create that unique content. Find new ways how you promote your product to your audience. Try to become so creative. You optimize your content with videos, images and infographics.

Also you can use your existing customer content. Try to encourage them to create content regarding your product by reposting their content on your platform. 

#5. Analyze the impact and results 

Most important aspect of any marketing  is to analyze their previous results to make them better.

Exact same thing you need to do here analyze social media results to find out your previous content impact. To determine this you can track your posts on every channel. For this use social media analytics

Social media Analytics

Social media analytics is the data regarding your success and all your posts with their impacts and various social media metrics such as likes, follows, level of engagement, shares, comment, reach, impression, video views, profile visits, mentions and tags, etc.

By using such metrics you influence your profile and getting more following by increasing overall engagement in your profile. You can boost your leads and sales conversions by interacting with followers and tagging them in various posts, answering their question can create a trust factor among them. 


I think this will be sufficient for beginners to learn social media marketing. Social media is so big and so that you need to focus on social media to grow your business.

Social media Marketing is specially fone for getting traffic. But I think traffic isn’t only prospective behind social media marketing. Because if you have business then you can sell it on social media. It’s not necessary to always get traffic for your business.

 Also you can create your personal brand with social media Marketing. Because social media has an audience and where the audience there chances are increasing, it gets more popular. If you see many people use social media to become popular as well.

Now choice is how you use social media? Whether It’s used for business or inventing something else in it.

Tell me what you’re using social media.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Basically social media marketing is the process of getting the attention or engagement of people to fulfill your marketing goals like website traffic, sales conversion, online store traffic.

Also you define social media as a process to create content that brings user engagement, traffic for your content in short the content which helps people.

Why do people use social media so much?

Because social media comes the entire world too close. As like the big circle of earth, get into your smartphone or pc. And that easy gathering becomes game changing all over the world.

How to Create Social media marketing strategy?

#1. Research your audience#2. Select your one social media platform
#3. Try to Build your Profile
#4. Create unique and engaging content
#5. Analyze the impact and results 

What are the Benefits of Social Media Marketing?

There are various reasons why your business needs social media Marketing. Here I share some benefits of social media marketing….1.Learn from your competitors
2. Use it for Lead Generation and Boost your sales conversions.
3. Increase Brand Awareness
4. Collaborate with Influencers
5. Low cost Advertising