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How to start a blog in 2020
How to start a blog in 2020

Want to learn How to start a blogging in 2020?

But, Is it a good time to start a blog or am I late to start it?

It’s still Good decision to start blogging in 2020.

Blogging is the sector which demands grown as internet grows just heir forms to start it will be changing. What yo become successful with starting a blogging?

One thing always keep in mind that blogging isn’t a game of one day. It takes time to see the results. You have to put daily efforts to grow it.

Here In this article I share How to start Blogging in 2020 less than 60 minutes? Hey listen here I share only how to start it doesn’t mean that you’ll become successful after starting it.

Why to Start a Blogging in 2020

Blogging demand increase as the internet grows to get benefit of it. Become a first mover.

Blogging world changes in upcoming time so 2020 is great time to start it. As I said blogging is getting tough and tough day by day. 

If you starting today you can attract many opportunities and chances to grow.

What are the benefits of starting blog in 2020?

You can create your fanbase :- Blogging give a chance to create your own community and gabbar that follows you.

Make Money Online :- Blogging can helps you to become financially freedom. And you can make money from it.

Express your thoughts :- It’s a platform yo express yourself among he like-minded community.

Step by step process to start Blogging in 2020?

Here I’m going to share step by step process to start blogging in 2020…..

Step 1 :- Pick a Niche

Find a suitable niche
Find A Suitable Niche

First step of blog is very basic called findings proper niche. 
The Niche is the Category in which you want to start  blogging. It may be Travel, Health, Marketing, Music etc..

To find nich I recommend you start with your capabilities find which thing you should do it properly? For what you’re passionate? And to start in it.

Just because you have proper knowledge about niche you can easily handle the content which you share on the blog.

while picking a niche some things should always keep in mind.

  • Profitability 
  • Passionate


  • Is the monetize for make money from it.
  • There are sufficient affiliate programs are available or not?
  • Picked Niche have sufficient No. Of Traffic or Not?


  • Are you completely passionate about it or not?
  • Have you proper knowledge of it or not?
  • Can satisfy people from your content or not?

while Choosing a Niche If you’re passionate about something but it’s not profitable it don’t pick such Niche.

Always Try to start with profitable Niche. 

Step 2 :- Choose a Domain Name for your website

Choose a domain of your website to start blog.
Choose A Domain of your website

Here in this step you have do decide the domain name of your website. 

The Domain name is the identity of website. If you already decide the domain name this leave this step.

You not decided it. This tips consider while deciding a Domain Name

  • Use Niche Keyword:- Selecting domain Name always try use niche related main keyword in your domain name. It helps to rank easily.
  • Make it short and simple :- Don’t Make your domain name complicated and hard to read. Always keep it simple and easy to read.
  • TLD extension :- Always buy top level domain name extension such as .Com, .Net and so on.

Step3:- Choose perfect web hosting for your blog

Choose a web hosting of your website for starting blog
Choose a web hosting of your website

Just like domain name is important web hosting is the crucial part of web hosting.

Web hosting is the space or server where you can store the website data.

Choose a proper web hosting is important. Here I recommend to use one popular and cost effective web hosting for use.

You can use Bluehost web hosting for your website. Bluehost web hosting is one of the leading web hosting provider.

Bluehost gives free domain name for buying hosting from bluehost. If you bought from blue host your domain name cost is reduced.

How to Buy web hosting from bluehost?

Step No.1

Firstly visit bluehost website for visit click here


Step No. 2

Click on Get started button just shown in figure

Get started

Step No. 3

Then check their shared hosting plans e.g. basic, plus, prime as I explain above .

Bluehost shared hosting

Step No.4

Select your favourite hosting plan just clicking on the “select” button.

Step No. 5

If you have domain name then put it their if not then you can get free domain from bluehost with hosting which you select.

Choose a domain

Step No. 6

After selecting suitable domain name then you get redirect to one form here fill whole details which asked and also check the payout process.

Bluehost form

Step No. 7

Then you redirect to the cpanel of the bluehost here you can access your hosting.

Bluehost Cpanel

Just follow this simple steps to buy bluehost hosting.

Step 4:- Set up for wordpress blog

Set your WordPress to start a blog
Set up the WordPress Blog

WordPress is leading website building platform. 

To start blogging you can use wordpress. Because on other platform can’t give complete access of your website but if you start with wordpress then you can edit or customise your site as you can. So wordpress is easy to use.

According to research it is found that over the internet 30% of website are run or edited WordPress.

But how to set up wordpress on my blog.

Firstly go to your bluehost control panel if you purchase hosting from blue host.

Then go to the Install section click on wordpress icon to install for wordpress.

And create account on wordpress fill out essential information. After this click on complete setup button and your works is done.

Now you will redirect to the WordPress dashboard where you can log in to wordpress for further customization

For login use this URL

Step 5:- Choose eye-catchy theme for your blog

Choose eye catchy theme to start a blog
Choose Eye catchy Theme

After installing wordpress. Now it’s time to add an eye catchy theme to your website. 

So that your audience like to stay at your website. Theme is nothing but the design of your website. Which helps to get lot of traffic to your site. If website design is eye catchy and simple then it reduces websites bounce rate.

In wordpress there are lot of themes that are available for you. I don’t recommend to go with this free themes. Because that themes are not so effective.

If you haven’t any budget problem then you can go with the premium themes. That are more effective and helpful. Always try to choose a light weight theme because Of theme is heavy it takes time to load. So people bounce From your site. Website speed is the part of Google SEO algorithm.

Here I recommend you to go with this two themes.

  1. GeneratePress :- GeneratePress one simple and easy to use theme for website. I personally use this theme for my website. I use it because its easy to customize and customer support is also good. Newbie can design it very effectively.
  2. Focus theme by Thrive Themes :-  focus theme are those theme which has all required options ali ke email opt in, short code etc. This theme are very responsive and easy to optimize. Mostly affiliate marketers are using this themes for their website. Because it’s very effective for conversions.
  3. Astra Pro :- Astra pro is one of the most effective themes that I lastly used in past for my website. Astra pro is light weight and responsive theme. you create your homepage with Elementor.
  4. Schema theme:- schema theme is SEO optimized light weight theme. This theme load time is much better.

Now the theme is decided but how to install theme on your blog?

  1. Firstly Go to your wordpress dashboard ➡ Appearance ➡Themes
WordPress login

2. In theme section you will the some free themes but you already bought a premium theme then click on Add New Button

Add new theme

3. In add New section click on “Upload Theme” and Add your theme zip file and activate that on your site.

Upload theme

5. Lastly your theme is installed on your blog.

To install theme is easy but the main thing is customization. To customize your theme click on Appearance ➡Customize.

customize your theme as you want.

Step6:- Add some essential plugins

Add essential plugins
Add essential plugins

Now you install your website theme now I will tell about some essential plugins that helps you run website on automation.

First thing is wordpress can’t run without having plugins. Plugins helps website to run automatically on wordpress. For this some plugins are required for SEO optimization, speed controlling and many more…

Here’s some essential plugins for your blog

Yoast SEO or RankMath :-Yoast SEO and Rank Math are plugins which used for SEO optimization. SEO is very important for the website to get free traffic from search engine To do on page SEO this plugin will helps you. (Install any one tool that you want)

To learn about SEO please check our Ebook beginner to advanced SEO for free

Elementor or Thrive Architect:- This tool are the page builder tools. This plugins helps to design website pages with simple drag and drop.

WP Rocket:- Speed is also very crucial part of website in ranking factors of google. WpRocket tool helps to increase the loafing speed of website and make it faster.

Thrive Leads:- If you want to collect email from your website through news letter and lead magnet then this tool is helpful for you. It helps you to make pop-ups, light weight box, content lock such type of more features.

How to install plugins in your wordpress blog?

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard
  2. Go to Plugins → Add New
  3. upload your plugin zip file and click on the “install now” button.
  4. After installing, click on the “activate button” to install that particular plugin.

Step7:- Create Newsletter or Lead magnet

Create newsletter and lead magnet
Create Newsletter and Lead Magnet

Now website is completely ready if you want to create people’s community then add up this step in your blog.

Create a newsletter for your website. 

Newsletter means the daily updates of your website. For newsletter you can create form Nd integrate it on your blog. Who want daily updates of your website. Fill the details and you send them the updates of your website.

Here you can create email list of people and target them. 

For grab their contact details you provide them some values like give something for free in all.

For sending email you can use Get response email marketing software. learn about email marketing 

Step8 :- Publish your first blog post.

Publish your blog post
Publish Your First Blog post

Now your website is ready and it’s time to create your first blog post on your website.

To create blog post go to your wordpress admin  dashboard. Click on post and add New.
Here you can create a post that you want to publish on your website.

Always keep in mind while public a blog post.

  • Keep your headlines key catchy by adding the numbers and engagable words in it.
  • Add images , video and multimedia to make it more enjoyable for reader.
  • Don’t write long paragraphs tey to write small one.
  • Try words like I , you, me for passive interaction.
  • Add meta title and meta description in your blog post by using seo plugin like yoast seo or Rankmath

Pro Tip

Try to use long tail keywords. That’s way for rank and getting affiliate sales.

Step9 :- Monetize your Blog

Monetize your blog
Monetize your blog

Now website is ready and first blog post is uploaded.
The question is

How to monetize my blog?

To monetize the blog there re many ways to do that  by doing ads monetization by google adsense and other networks like, info links etc.

you can do affiliate marketing with the blog. Promote other people product which is related your niche. 

Sponsored post is one advanced monetization you can do. If your website have huge traffic! Charges from people for publishing content on your website.

Launch your own course is one popular monetization.

As many ways that you can monetize and make money from your blog. Just find it out.


To starting a blog is easy. Just going through the step by step process. 

Blogging is something that changes with the time to compete with it. Is essential to sustain in that world.

Let’s get a short recap of how to start blogging in 2020?

  1. Pick a niche
  2. Choose a good domain Name
  3. Choose perfect Web hosting
  4. Set up blog for wordpress
  5. Choose a theme for your blog
  6. Some essential plugins to install.
  7. Create Newsletter in your blog
  8. Publish first blog post
  9. Monetize your blog to make money

Now it’s your turn tell me 

Are you planning to start blog in 2020?

Tell me in comment…..