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Ways to drive traffic to eCommerce store

 Nowadays, the business has already started its journey in its way changing the traditional and complicated form. The success of the present business has come from getting in touch with the internet, excellent technical tools, and social media. Under these systems, shops are going to be transformed into eCommerce stores online from where customers living anywhere can grab their desired product easily.

 Though it is very easy for customers to purchase their product at their place, business owners need to know the exact ways to drive traffic to the eCommerce store. The thing is that in traditional shops, customers can know a physical marketplace where lots of shops are designed with the products. But eCommerce is completely different as it has no physical existence and you can only see its appearance when you come to use a computer or mobile with an internet connection.

 So if you want to have an idea about an eCommerce store, just stay on this site for a little bit of time as today this article will discuss the details of eCommerce and effective ways to drive traffic to eCommerce stores.

 What are eCommerce Stores?

 E-Commerce or Electronic Commerce means the activity regarding buying or selling products or services with the help of the internet. It can be called electronic commerce. Even it is familiar with the name internet commerce. E-commerce comes in different names like C2C ( Customer to Customer), B2B ( Business to Business), or C2B (Customer to Business). The meaningful definition of E-commerce comes with commercial transactions which run through the internet by websites like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, Shopify, and eBay. According to the studies by 2020, Retail e-Commerce can reach up to $27 Trillion. Now let’s see what are the ways to drive traffic to the eCommerce store.

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 Some effective ways to drive traffic to eCommerce store

 1.     Influencer Marketing

Nowadays, Influencer marketing has become mainstream in the form of online marketing. It sounds like a buzzword nowadays and the mainstream media always refers to it. But it is sorry to say that most of the people till now don’t understand about its activity on the market.  Even a group of people have known this term for the first time.

Influencer Marketing Hub is one of the best ways to drive traffic to eCommerce stores. It is also important that most of the influencers can make a systematic influence in them for an enthusiastic audience. As a result of that, the audience does not care about your brand but only the influence. Just take a look at the marketing statistics mentioned below.

  Some studies show that influencer marketing has come up to $13.8 billion in the year 2021.

Business goes up at $5.78 ROI after spending $1 by the influencer.

According to a report in 2016, there has been an increase of 470% in business growth by influencer marketing.

·         Nearly 70 percent of Instagram users favor influencer marketing.

 2.     Use Facebook Ads

It is common to everyone that interaction among the people reaches a high level at present. Likewise, Facebook Ads have become one of the greatest ways to drive traffic to eCommerce stores. The Ads from Facebook are user-based targets oriented on their location, profile information, and demographic. After creating an Ad, you need to set a budget with a bid for the clicks or you can go for a thousand impressions basis. Facebook ads are some kinds of paid messages from the businesses written in their voice and the message comes to reach the people who give importance. Advertisers come to create campaigns with specific goals in the form of advertising just for reaching their goals.

How to create Facebook Ads?

  1. Come to create an account with Facebook Ads Manager
  2. Just go for making ad through Ads Manager from Facebook
  3. Come to select an objective
  4. Choose your audience
  5. Put your budget
  6. Create an ad
  7. Go for monitoring the performance of your ad
  8. Make a report on Facebook ad Performance

3.     Use Pinterest to Encourage Product Discovery

 Pinterest enables a new search function that makes users benefit just for searching by content with an image. It is user friendly and it is designed by the platform’s relatively small design team compared with the team of Facebook and Google by their own developed image signified team. . With their ongoing efforts regarding major eCommerce and online shopping destinations, Pinterest has become advanced in need of easy to use with more easy elements for the on-platform search process.

 In the new post of Pinterest Engineering blog, Pinterest has brought a new form of enhanced productivity through its object recognition. According to Pinterest’s search by image technology, a red dot appears with a Pin Image which means whenever you come on the picture, it prompts you just for a click on the red dot for similar looks.

 4.     Email Marketing

 Email Marketing is also the best process when you try to find effective ways to drive traffic to eCommerce stores. Generally, Email marketing is an act of sending a commercial message to a group of people. It makes broad sense to send information about your product or services to potential customers. It is very cost-effective and easy to share to your known and unknown person just to make your potential customers. The process of Email marketing runs with the flexible design of personalization and segmentation. Though it provides you with many advantages, it has some negative sides like Spam, undelivered emails or sometimes, you face some problems to make the right design. Even you need to give much more effort to collect email addresses that kill your time and energy.

Use Getresponse For email marketing which gives you exciting features to create email templates and also retarget abundant cart.

 5.     Free Listings on Google Shopping –

 The easiest and simplest process to grab an audience to eCommerce stores is a free listing on Google Shopping. In that particular case, Google has arranged two kinds of listings that come with the name of Standard Free Product Listings and Enhanced Free Product Listings.

Types of free product listings

  1.  Standard Free Product Listings are shown on the images tabs of Google search Engines. The listings are very easy to be processed for setting up.
  2. The other one has Enhanced Free Product Listings that appear in the shopping tab with a content-rich format. It is good to know that they are harder to set up with a lot of policies and product attributes.

 The settings process of Enhanced Free Product Listings

 If you come to set enhanced free product listings, you need to follow several instructions mentioned below. Take a look below.

  • Take a step to prepare Merchant Centre Account (
  • Do Preparation for product feed
  • Add product data
  • Need to verify and claim websites.
  • Enter your business information like Business Name, Country, and Time Zone.
  • Select the location for your target customer. Choose third party platforms like Shopify and Paypal
  • Mention other information like Tax, Website, or Shipping.

Undoubtedly, business online has reached every corner of the globe but  it needs the best ways to drive traffic to eCommerce stores.